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Synonyms for revisal

the act of rewriting something

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Jefferson and Pendleton soon worked together on legal issues when they were elected to the committee for "A General Revisal of the Laws" of Virginia with George Wythe, George Mason, and Thomas Ludwell Lee.
The existing policy was last updated in 2003 and the new committee in office from April this year will work on the revisal of the policy.
Revisal of National Health Insurance Fund (NZOK)'s funds for 2014 by BGN 200 M <a href="http://www.
And if, in terms of infrastructure and logistics in the last 15 years, there were developed softwares and were created connections to European networks (easily accessing REVISAL and EURES), in terms of the employees of the Public Employment Service we can speak of staff retention based on subjective criteria (influenced by the political and social environment).