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Synonyms for revise

Synonyms for revise

to prepare a new version of

Synonyms for revise

the act of rewriting something

make revisions in

Related Words

revise or reorganize, especially for the purpose of updating and improving

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Revisable format translators are provided under Docu-Link that translate between DCA and OASF formats.
NeoDisc is designed to treat patients earlier in the degenerative cascade, prior to a fusion procedure, and to be imaging friendly (radiolucent) and fully revisable.
contracts are processed at fixed prices the first year and revisable by adjusting the scale of the supplier in case of renewal, on the anniversary of the Effective Date.
Language and reality are indeed inseparable, but the connection between them is always realistically and inductively revisable.
NuVasive believes that NeoDisc will be attractive for use in broad indications and pathologies because it is easily revisable and is intended to involve a relatively simple surgical placement procedure.
They are contingent, revisable, culturally conditioned, fallible.
By integrating HighMAT with OpenDVD, a technology for making revisable DVDs and CDs, Sonic will provide the most flexibility and highest playback compatibility to its customers.
TOWER IDM is a Web-enabled document and content processing system and enterprise-scalable repository for managing all forms of unstructured business information including scanned images, forms, revisable office documents, e-Mail, faxes, computer-generated reports, statements and invoices, as well as captured Web pages, e-Forms and digital signatures.
It delivers the finest precision to changing content by its elemental-level of content reuse with no minimal revisable unit, as well as state-of-the art content differencing for automated updates to content, structure, and document attributes.
Total quantity or scope: Procurement will be revisable unit prices, concluded for an initial term of five (5) years and will be renewable two (2) times for a period of one (1) additional year by tacit agreement.
Dave Pascoe, Director, eCommerce, Palm Digital Media "OEBPS is now an excellent revisable format for XML publishing content.
Radia is an Internet-based solution that reliably and cost-effectively automates the management of enterprise digital assets such as systems software, business applications and revisable content.
This contract is concluded provisionally and revisable fixed overall price for the basic mission.