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an essay or article that gives a critical evaluation (as of a book or play)

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If there is a fault here," he said, "it is with the journal's policy," which did not require authors of review articles to disclose their conflicts of interest.
We are looking forward to review articles on such topics as radioactive carbon dating, international arrangements for comparing national measurement standards, and NIST research related to the automotive industry.
The review articles largely concluded that the most frequently reported emotions felt by women immediately following an abortion (experienced by about 75 percent of women) are relief or happiness.
Description: Rotator Cuff Tear collects current review articles on rotator cuff problems, with regard to both biological and clinical aspects, and provides practical hints on management and rehabilitation.
We recently published the following review article in the ARCHIVES: Yousef GM, Naghibi B.
Each review article concludes with a lengthy bibliography.
Julie McKillop was quoted in a June 14 Daily Review article .
CHICAGO -- A Harvard Law Review article about the benefits of the private-public partnership in corrections is seen as one of the most compelling cases for outsourced corrections management, according to the Association of Private Corrections and Treatment Organizations (APCTO), a non-profit trade association.
DiIulio followed that up with a May 17 National Review article making "a conservative crime-control case" for repealing mandatory minimums.
We wish to update information in the recent hCG review article (1), regarding the specificities and antibody configurations used in the Chiron Diagnostics and Bayer Corporation hCG immunoassays.
Guinier: I've actually written a law review article on my reactions to Yale Law School; it's in the Berkeley Women's Law Journal.
A recent review article examined the evidence of a relationship between dairy foods and bone health and considered the following questions:
Another Review article covers a Policy Conference panel discussion, "What Do We Know About How Monetary Policy Affects the Economy?
Ulwick, author of the best-selling book "What Customers Want," has published dozens of articles on innovation management and market research, including the landmark Harvard Business Review article, "Turn Customer Input Into Innovation.
In a 2003 Harvard Business Review article titled "IT Doesn't Matter," editor-at-large Nicolas Carr ignited a firestorm with his contention that corporate IT should be managed as a utility and not as a strategic differentiator.