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a barrier against explosives

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a facing (usually masonry) that supports an embankment

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We are also studying the possibility of replacing the damaged infrastructure with a permanent bridge with revetment and approaches at the upstream and downstream," Villar said.
Others are ineligible to build revetments because they did not have a house on the land before 1978, when the state Wetlands Protection Act was implemented.
Rock revetment is a form of coastal defence achieved by placing the rocks inland so that the land may be protected against powerful waves.
Since being established in 2004, Medco completed the Pearl Qatar project and the New Doha Airport Reclamation and Rock Revetment project (both in Qatar), the Al Raha Beach project for Aldar Properties, dredging works for the Ruwais Sulphur Terminal extension for Takreer, the Aldar Yas Island tunnel trenching and channel deepening, dredging of the new Khalifa Port and dredging of the Ras Ghanada/Al Sadr to Taweelah channels (all in Abu Dhabi) and dredging of the Al Marjan Islands in Ras Al Khaimah.
EPA's most recent evaluation determined that the cleanup continues to protect public health and the environment and that the concrete revetment is in "excellent condition," Seneca said.
FA-18D was taxing during daylight into a hardened revetment to park.
Per Aarsleff's part of the DKK430m project is worth some DKK200m, and covers construction of a 800 metres of quay wall, as well as revetment work.
They also suggested that an extension to the existing rock revetment could be used to control erosion further.
The county engineer said that a rock revetment would be necessary along that stretch to save the road during future floods.
The material's properties of elasticity and porosity are key to its success--giving it the ability to yield slightly and thus protect the revetment against the force of crashing water masses, while the interconnecting cavities between the stones absorb their energy.
Bulkheads and revetment structures are the most common site design elements to stabilize shorelines for new development.
A 10-metre wide promenade and stepped revetment would provide improved access to the beach and prevent flooding while a rock revetment at Rhych Point would help prevent further erosion.
Even today, a veneer of clip-on stone is (misguidedly) thought to redeem the most unprepossessing speculator's shell and core (a practice with which the Romans would have been familiar, as they used a thin revetment of stone to dignify notable structures).
Unlike conventional riprap, boulder toe treatments, and low walls of rock, logs, or timbers facilitate the creation of lower angle, intrinsically stable planting surfaces at the top of the revetment.
The volunteers' first project was cleaning up an adobe revetment used for the history-making X-1 rocket plane, in which Yeager broke the sound barrier in October 1947.