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an abstracted state of absorption

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But there really is no argument in "The Nature of Existence"--not between any of the subjects, who are filmed individually on their college campuses, coffee shops and Chinese temples, or between Nygard and any of the dozens of people he interviews, ranging from author Richard Dawkins ("The God Delusion") to seventh-grader Chloe Revery, a child whose excruciating precociousness is precisely what demolishes any seriousness to which Nygard pretends.
s breezy style of exposition deteriorates into revery.
Yet the latter is situated in the imagination, and is subject to speculation and creative revery.
John finds her in an isolated revery and sexually assaults her.
It was a kind of self-ethnology--a fiction in which I recounted the day of a man who crosses the Luxembourg gardens on his way to see a doctor, runs into different people, watches them, and tries to reconstitute for each of them the simultaneity we all have of on the one hand looking out onto the world and on the other being exposed to an internal revery of images and fantasies.
Barcelona and the Italian teams a revery dangerous and I would prefer to have German opposition because Italian teams have more experience of winning things.