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Synonyms for reverting

a failure to maintain a higher state

tending to return to an earlier state


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Tugby, looking at the fire, and reverting to the cream and marrow of his temporary elevation.
Reverting to the letters of the alphabet, let me call him Mr.
He deliberately dropped the vast question opened by Sir Patrick; and, reverting to Blanche, asked what was to be done.
Without reverting to the irritating topic of the name, I merely inquired what her plans were, and assured her that she might command my services if she required them.
On my reverting to some other topic that we had been discussing, he recovered immediately; but, though I tried him again and again, I never approached the question of the school, even if he were in the middle of a laugh, without observing that his countenance fell, and that he became uncomfortable.
replied Tom Hunter, his thoughts reverting involuntarily to a former invention of the Hon.
Reverting for the moment to the latter difficulty only, life within the narrow and populous limits of a vessel may be defined as essentially life in public.
We are reverting to the civilization of luggage, and historians of the future will note how the middle classes accreted possessions without taking root in the earth, and may find in this the secret of their imaginative poverty.
cried Rosa, drawing her chair a little nearer, and her mind reverting to Jasper, 'nothing dreadful, I hope?
Miss Halcombe abstained from pressing her with any inquiries relating to events in the Asylum--her mind being but too evidently unfit to bear the trial of reverting to them.
You know, John dear,' she said, cheerily reverting to their former conversation, 'that I hope I may safely be trusted in great things.