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of or relating to or involving a reversion (especially a legal reversion)

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Reversionary bonuses are those added to a policy at the end of each financial year.
Because X has a reversionary interest of more than 5%, the trust is considered a grantor trust under Sec.
The buyer was working off a reversionary yield of 7% being achieved when the rents are reviewed again in September this year.
The bonus depends on a policy's type and value, but will typically add around 40 per cent to the 1997 reversionary bonus received by most policy-holders.
However, most asset protection trusts would retain a reversionary interest (unlike the trust in the ruling).
The strong cashflow and reversionary potential ensured strong interest from overseas buyers.
Those who declared their payouts this week all trimmed the reversionary bonuses that are added to the permanent value of a with-profits policy and can never be withdrawn.
673(a) provides that a grantor will be treated as the owner of any portion of a trust in which he has a reversionary interest in either corpus or income, provided that such reversionary interest exceeds 5% of the value of that portion.
The company stated that the plan offers a guaranteed reversionary bonus of 3% per annum during the premium payment term.
33] It is unclear what happens when encumbered property is transferred to an alimony trust, with the transferor spouse retaining a reversionary interest in the corpus of the trust.
The vesting of the reversionary interest took effect in September 2005 and thus had the effect of limiting daily production to 3,716 BOE for the third quarter of 2006.
It already owns more than 2,700 reversionary properties with an open market value of pounds 345m.
673 as an owner of a trust by reason of a reversionary interest in corpus, both ordinary income and other income allocable to the corpus are "owned" by the grantor.
The option is to purchase Venoco's interest in Hastings Field, less a 2% override and a 25% reversionary interest following payout, as defined.
It is believed that there is a lot of reversionary income from the Crown Prosecution Service, given the current bullish mood in office agency where there is a shortage of high-quality space and a surfeit of demand.