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of or relating to or involving a reversion (especially a legal reversion)

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The sales pipeline of vacant reversionary assets showed PS213.
Grainger's stated net asset value excludes the estimated reversionary surplus of 120p a share.
In Robinette, the Supreme Court held, in a situation involving a complex contingent reversionary interest, that the taxpayers could not reduce a gift's value by the value of the interest because there was no accepted way of actuarially determining the interest's value and thus the value was too speculative.
Ownership of those improvements remains with the tenant throughout the lease term, but the improvements become the landlord's property when the lease terminates or expires (this is called a reversionary interest).
I therefore am claiming my reversionary interest in the property.
In order to convert the $120,000 land value into a reversionary cash flow, a 3% annual growth rate was applied resulting in an estimated remainder value of $291,272 at the end of year 30.
In the current economic environment, there is little incentive for landlords to re-mortgage as the low Bank of England base rate means it is normally financially beneficial for landlords to remain on their mortgage reversionary rates.
First, there is a product that is sometimes called a reversionary annuity.
The March payrolls number does not include the latest jump in jobless claims, which have hit reversionary levels," said Kathy Lien, a chief strategist at Forex Capital Markets.
In the l929 act, there was no reference to proprietary or reversionary rights.
Attorneys' manual; example agency regulations and FFCA handbooks; sample court documents; a sample stipulation for compromise settlement and release of claim, and irrevocable reversionary inter vivos medical trust; ATLA Education speaker papers; and a bibliography of law journal and law review articles.
The first is an annual reversionary bonus which, when added by the insurer, cannot be taken away.
The reversionary company will then take only its share of the property when the house is sold.
The ground will be very testing but Reversionary (12.