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These places have Ce3+ instead, which easily can be reduced back to Ce4+ and can reversibly bind oxygen.
Preparation of metallic coatings with reversibly switchable wettability based on plasma spraying technology--Zhengfeng Li, Yanjun Zheng, and Lishan Cui
CONCLUSIONS: OLE suppresses the L-type calcium channel directly and reversibly.
We show by the first time that EOAs decreased reversibly the cardiac contraction force and frequency.
Exposure to this degree of pressure can reversibly decrease cardiac silhouette by one-third and significantly decrease pulmonary vasculature signs on chest radiographs.
According to the company, ticagrelor is the first reversibly binding oral adenosine diphosphate receptor antagonist.
Traditional antibodies produced by other vaccines bind HIV reversibly, that is they can dissociate from HIV which causes infection.
He presents 15 contributions discussing methods and techniques in the field of redox plant and animal biology, including the measurement of nitric oxide and its metabolites in biological samples by ozone-based chemiluminescence, detection and measurement of reactive oxygen intermediates in mitochondria and cells, measuring redox changes in vivo in leaves, methods for preparing crystals of reversibly oxidized proteins, methods for the study of redox-mediated changes in p53 structure and function, redox regulation and trapping of sulphenic acid in the peroxide sensitive human mitochondrial branched chain aminotransferase, generation and detection of S- nitrosothiols, and protein-thiol oxidation (from single proteins to proteome-wide analyses).
Human serum albumin is reversibly shifted to a more oxidized state by recent intense exercise.
Lapatinib (Tykerb) is an oral small molecule that reversibly and potently inhibits the receptor TK activity of both the EGFR (ErbB1) and HER2 receptors.
Pleasanton, CA) has patented a composition comprising a first modified thermostable enzyme exhibiting 3'exonuclease activity but essentially no DNA polymerase activity and a second modified thermostable enzyme exhibiting DNA polymerase activity, whereas the fidelity of an amplification process is enhanced by the use of the composition in an amplification process in comparison to the use of the single second enzyme in an amplification process and, whereas said first and said second modified thermostable enzyme is reversibly modified by an inhibiting agent which results in essentially complete inactivation of enzyme activity, wherein incubation of said first and said second modified thermostable enzyme in an aqueous buffer at alkaline pH at a temperature less than 25.
Mechanical pressure can flip the lenses from convex to concave reversibly or permanently.
The technology is capable of reversibly binding powerful chlorine molecules onto the surface of a cellulose material such as cotton and rayon.
Macrolides are microbiostatic agents that reversibly bind to the 23S ribosomal RNA in the 50S subunit of ribosomes and block protein synthesis (8).
Within 12 years of earning his doctorate, Branda has learned how to reversibly change the shape, structure, and function of molecules on command, and use colour to signal their change.