reversible process

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any process in which a system can be made to pass through the same states in the reverse order when the process is reversed

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It is an alarming situation, but a reversible process, if the politicians are willing to radically change the current agricultural policies.
Physical exergy is the work obtainable by taking the substance, through a reversible process, from its initial state (given by temperature T and pressure p) to the state in equilibrium with the environment (given by TE, pE).
Adsorption of atrazine occurs to some extent as a reversible process (Gilchrist et al.
Tau phosphorylation may represent a physiological and reversible process integral to the stress response system.
This is a reversible process provided Iran stops the enrichment and the research and development", he said.
Here, again, the circles designate a cycle, or at least a reversible process.
It remains to be seen whether the secularizing tendencies chronicled in this volume constitute a truly reversible process.
The strain energy can be defined as the mechanical work required in a reversible process to produce a particular state of stress [17].
Since ammonium adsorption to sediment particles and organic matter is a rapid and reversible process (5), not only does pore water ammonium have the potential of being flushed out of the sediment, but the ammonium adsorbed also has the potential of being released to the inundating water, due to a rapid shift in the equilibrium.
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