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the gears by which the motion of a machine can be reversed

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Both transmissions offer up to four reverse gear ratios.
A purpose built ZF transmission includes a high capacity retarder, eight forward gears and four reverse gears.
Drivers will be tested for memory and car handling skills as they pit their wits against several tests comprising cones and stop-astride lines, often only using first and reverse gears, but getting up to 30 mph in a confined area and against the clock, making effective use of the handbrake turn and using the weight of the car to navigate the twisting course.
Based on the Trident 13 hull, the Ocean Kayak Torque features an integrated Minn Kota 36-pound-thrust saltwater trolling motor with infinitely variable speed control in both forward and reverse gears.
The transmission is fully automatic and provides six forward and two reverse gears, with converter lock-up operating in all speed ranges.
It has forward and reverse gears, plus a braking mechanism.
5 to 5 mph, have forward and reverse gears, and are equipped with power brakes.