reverse gear

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the gears by which the motion of a machine can be reversed

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Engine: diesel engine, EURO 6 Engine power: minimum 66 KW Transmission: manual gearbox with 5 forwarder gears position and 1 reverse gear position Number of doors: 4 + 1, Two rear side sliding doors ESP (ESC) electronic stability program Driver and co-driver airbags High adjustable driver seat Central locking system Climate control: Manual air-conditioning system Windows: electric windows front Front fog lights Radio with CD or USB Day-running lights Rear parking sensors Color: metallic Minimum warrantee of 3 years The vehicles must be in accordance with the civilroad transport regulations applied in BiH
As a result, the economy is in reverse gear," said Punj.
Andrea Southern, 43, leaned into her Fiat Panda to turn the key, but had left it in reverse gear and was hit by the open door as it lurched backwards.
Longest distance(300 m) which covered 30 second in reverse gear on the snowy surface, short standing (56,2 m) on the ice, capable more eight drawing (3 tour) on the ice in a two minuets, most speed slalom(1 min, 11 sec) on the ice, most speedy tour (19 sec)on square shape icy runway
The patented Power Port quarter-turn reverse pneumatically locks the tool into forward or reverse gear, preventing accidental direction change during the bore.
In fact there are a million and one things that need doing, discovering and inventing - yet because politicians want to run everything and as none of them seem to have any imagination, innovation or organisational skills we just cannot get out of reverse gear.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Sunday that his country`s development and progress was like "a train without brakes and without reverse gear.
The camera is fitted next to the tailgate's Ford badge and is activated when reverse gear is engaged.
It is activated when reverse gear is selected, and the display is shown on a seven-inch screen.
Iran's president yesterday vowed to move ahead with the country's disputed nuclear programme, comparing it to a train without brakes or a reverse gear, a day before an emergency meeting on the crisis in London.
Through the night we also heard - light sleepers beware - a lot of trucks beeping in reverse gear.
The Limited model adds more stuff, including a power rear sunshade that automatically retracts when reverse gear is engaged, then redeploys when Drive is selected.
Many companies are increasing their earnings by putting accounting into reverse gear.
The innovative system is on whenever the ignition is switched on and the vehicle is in reverse gear.
It's not a question of whether or not the Prime Minister has a reverse gear.