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Synonyms for reverence

Synonyms for reverence

the act of adoring, especially reverently

to regard with great awe and devotion

Synonyms for reverence

a feeling of profound respect for someone or something

Related Words

a reverent mental attitude

an act showing respect (especially a bow or curtsy)

regard with feelings of respect and reverence

References in classic literature ?
Yet," continued he, turning to his attendants, "let us reverence, for the last time, the stately and gorgeous prejudices of the tottering Past
Well, Your Reverence, I'm not for takin' any measures again' the young woman.
Your Reverence is very good to say so; an' I'm sensable as, you not livin' i' the parish, there's more upo' my shoulders.
Irwine, an' Your Reverence too, for speakin' so afore you.
Humbly begging Your Honour's pardon," said Joshua, bowing low, "there was one thing I had to say to His Reverence as other things had drove out o' my head.
An' Seth Bede's been to me this morning to say he wished me to tell Your Reverence as his brother Adam begged of you particular t' allow his father's grave to be dug by the White Thorn, because his mother's set her heart on it, on account of a dream as she had; an' they'd ha' come theirselves to ask you, but they've so much to see after with the crowner, an' that; an' their mother's took on so, an' wants 'em to make sure o' the spot for fear somebody else should take it.
But come, Your Reverence, are you for a ride with me?
Well, then,'' answered Wamba, ``your reverences must hold on this path till you come to a sunken cross, of which scarce a cubit's length remains above ground; then take the path to the left, for there are four which meet at Sunken Cross, and I trust your reverences will obtain shelter before the storm comes on.
Goodwin also advised Reverence Capital Partners on its significant minority investment in Russell Investments.
MIRPUR (AJK) -- The two-day Urs celebrations of Baba Peer-e-Shah Ghazi, famously known as Damri Wali Sarkar, began on Monday at Khari Sharif in Mirpur, Azad Jammu Kashmir with due solemnity and reverence, it was officially declared.
My religious formation occurred under the Novus Ordo, and I have a profound love and reverence for this Mass--it is familiar and feels like home.
A sense of reverence appears before us when we hear the word mother.
In eight highly structured chapters he considers the decay of culture, rationality and mysticism, the will to live and reverence for life, moral principles and ethical vision, ethical personality and community, and the ethical religion of love.
John Providence Health System and the Michigan Market Leader for Ascension Health, announced today the formation of Reverence Home Health & Hospice, a statewide home care provider.
Good ones stuck out like well-spaced telegraph poles in a desert - Stack Rock won a Listed race and was runner-up to Lochsong in the 1993 Prix de l'Abbaye, and Tedburrow won three Group 3 races, the final one as a ten-year-old in 2002, but Alston had never won a Group 1 race and Reverence seemed highly unlikely to change that.