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a small piece of adhesive paper that is put on an object to show that a government tax has been paid

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KARACHI -- Senior Member Board of Revenue Sindh, Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqi has said that a letter written to the Chairman FBR has called for ensuring recovery of Revenue Stamps Duty in the interest of the government and the people.
The Inland Revenue stamp dates each return as it is received and it has promised to refund any penalties already paid if it is discovered that the notice was issued in error.
Tangible personal property' does not include intangible personal property constituting mere rights of action and having no intrinsic value, such as contracts, deeds, mortgages, stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit or membership, or uncancelled United States postage or revenue stamps sold for postage or revenue purposes.
The Arkansas Attorney General's Office has never been asked for an official opinion specifically about whether the law allows the parties to a transaction to buy more revenue stamps than the law requires, according to spokesman Aaron Sadler.
The program also eliminates fees for all internal revenue stamps and vouchers required for the execution and filing of deeds with any public registry on new homes purchased during this period.
These neatly foiled packets, possibly mistaken for RDX, are for long journeys when a homemade cereal bar is the energy booster, the metal keepsakes are for good luck, this pouch has postage stamps and revenue stamps and also glue and tape, band-aid and safety pins, just in case.
The account opening document appeared to be the original as it had been sent to Pakistan, where it was stamped by authorities and had several colourful revenue stamps on it, making it look more official.
Pictures: LISA CAREY; D26236_4; DRAW: Peppe Marinelli offers a closer look at some Italian municipal revenue stamps on display at the show
There were cases in which postal workers stole customers' postal savings or revenue stamps.
The building in the background is a cafe, but is also licensed to sell postage and inland revenue stamps.
Munger also has collected canceled checks featuring revenue stamps to pay for the Civil War and Spanish-American War; a 1882 bill of lading from a steamboat; and a April 3, 1884, telegram sent during the brief period when the telegraph was controlled by the U.
The Company also prints stamped cards and envelopes for the USPS as well as tax revenue stamps for both domestic and foreign governments.
A safe containing some 160 million yen worth of postage and revenue stamps was stolen at around 2:35 a.
In co-operation with the Communications Ministry, Poste Italiane handles the sale of postal revenue stamps.
So can Recording fees, Transfer taxes and Revenue Stamps as well as Survey costs, Title transactions and Utility connections.