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Here are 10 top activities for revelry while visiting Redding and Shasta Cascade:
Dionysus (Latin: Bacchus) was the god of the grape harvest, viticulture, wine and revelry.
Though the actor kept the media away, his sister Arpita posted photos of the revelry on Twitter.
Several thousand revellers will descend on Liverpool's Baltic Triangle for two-days of alternative music, arts, crafts, cinema and psychedelic revelry.
Moreover, there was an absolute revelry in a writer whose work has survived across centuries and influenced generations of writers that followed, particularly in Scotland.
The British Medical Association claim we must pay more for our booze or our livers will soon conk out, but that's a small price to pay for revelry.
The Olympic star was out in London partying Thursday night, and he ended his night of revelry looking intoxicated in the back of a car, squeezed in with the mystery woman and fellow gold medalist Conor Dwyer after leaving The Rose Club.
Luckily, the Academy anticipate Oscars will be damaged in revelry after the ceremony and it was swiftly repaired.
It is most associated with towns and villages welcoming springtime fertility and revelry with fetes and community gatherings.
Summary: DUBAI -- Hundreds of families from all over the GCC joined the revelry at the Carnival that marked the first day of the 16th Dubai Shopping Festival at Dubai Creek Park on Thursday night.
OLD YEAR, NEW YEAR New Year's Eve depresses me, I dislike all the parties and revelry, I am sad for the Old Year, who is forced to flee Like a dear friend whom I will no longer see again.
But while that's the hope, police know it's possible that out-of-control drunken revelry could mar postgame festivities in Eugene.
Paper presentations and creative writing on any aspect of the theme--including Carnival (Mardi Gras), holiday celebrations (religious or secular), revelry of any kind, festivals, and sacred rituals--are welcome.
Whilst hopes of a World Cup triumph have been lost, there was one player who came out a winner during the 2010 pre-match revelry - Will Abbott from CBRE.
Patrick's Day in revelry, dozens of boy scouts also took to the streets on Staten Island, walking the parade route to protest the possible development of Pouch Camp, a 120-acre tract of land that's at risk of being sold.