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Synonyms for revealing

disclosing unintentionally

showing or making known


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an art project revealing learnings developed in ongoing units in social studies
The judges said that Freeman's reporting "shows how enterprising journalism comes from connecting the dots and revealing the picture that appears.
Second, the government argues says that it cannot adequately respond to the specific allegations of the plaintiffs without revealing state secrets, and the revealing of those state secrets would harm national security.
HOT DEFLATE Eighteen months ago, a probe carried by Cassini landed on Titan, revealing a surprisingly Earthlike terrain of shorelines and river valleys.
By full disclosure, you're revealing everything you have to the seller, which makes it difficult to negotiate.
Hitching up her skirts to keep them dry, she inadvertently exposed her hairy legs, thus revealing the telltale mark of a genie.
When placed between heated contacting surfaces, the sensor instantly and permanently turns varying color intensities between light blue to black, revealing minute variations in temperature.
Nevertheless, these writings--comprising dramatic pieces, essays, and short stories, as well as about forty poems--hold great interest, revealing a Dunbar with whom scholars have not been entirely familiar.
If readers have other job-applicant interview questions they believe can elicit revealing clues about a candidate, e-mail them to the JofA at zarowin@mindspring.
On one hand, her installation is an instance of Conceptually based institutional critique, in which the goal of producing aesthetic objects is superseded by that of revealing the power structures that produce aesthetic value.
The book is at its best when revealing how stylistically disparate works derive their forms from debates over the same set of events.