revealed religion

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a religion founded primarily on the revelations of God to humankind

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It contains an understanding of what it means to be a philosopher, an understanding that Political Philosophy and the Challenge of Revealed Religion shares and explores with great subtly and daring.
Revealed religion, announcing the infinite, means that art is no longer able to be the adequate conveyer of its content.
The same thing happened concerning this question of abrogation of previous Divinely revealed religions.
The sections deal with separate aspects of his life and work, especially sex and revealed religion.
In a discussion of Coleridge's Lectures on Revealed Religion (1795), which he claims is the "lost" book on Pantisocracy, Wright argues that both the radical eschewing of private property proposed in Coleridge's ill-fated plan to found a utopia in America and his early Unitarian denial of the divinity of Jesus are based primarily in scripture, and secondarily in reason, though of course Coleridge spent much of his life attempting to reconcile the two.
Rather, we recognize that monogamous heterosexual marriage developed because of psychology, biology, human nature and Judeo-Christian revealed religion.
His principal concern, however, is with the growth in virtue and awareness that is available to men and women who enter into a relationship honoured by both natural law and revealed religion.
Favoring the ruling patrician elite of Geneva, Vernet eventually fell out with Rousseau when the latter championed the Genevan bourgeois and renounced revealed religion.
Indeed, Fichte's argument entails that certain core features of orthodox Christian revealed religion are illegitimate (i.
Benedict, however, praised Newman as an apostle of "the vital place of revealed religion in civilized society.
His insights into the relationship between faith and reason, into the vital place of revealed religion in civilized society, and into the need for a broadlybased and wide-ranging approach to education were not only of profound importance for Victorian England, but continue today to inspire and enlighten many all over the world.
As for the civil society groups and organizations that raise banners of freedom for all, they are placing their credibility at great risk, as there is no way to justify attacking a revealed religion with freedom.
The answer is a big "No", because Islam, as the last divinely revealed religion, has not come to force new duties on its believers, but rather to bring about the proper relationship between human beings and between humans and their creator.
As a secularist I wish to see a democratic society in which the dogma of revealed religion does not determine the laws of my nation or define the public education of children.
Secondly Islam itself is a revealed religion and acknowledges the revelation given to other prophets of other religions.