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Zadjali then said: "For the time being we are not thinking of revaluing because it would not eliminate inflation, and you can't revalue once, you have to do it again and again".
Deputy First Minister and Leader of Plaid Cymru Ieuan Wyn Jones AM has also committed not to revalue council tax in Wales during the next Assembly term.
Plaid's Mr Jones said: "I believe it would be wholly unnecessary to revalue council tax during the next Assembly term which is why we are ruling ou holding this exercise during this period.
It is seen by some market participants that any move by Beijing to revalue the yuan is likely to lead to a rise in Asian currencies including the yen.
Soaring Gulf inflation has placed pressure on policymakers to revalue their currencies after the dollar crashed to record lows against the euro last month and the Gulf tracked six interest rate cuts by the US Federal Reserve since September.
There is no intention at this time to revalue the dirham against the dollar,' the daily Al-Ittihad quoted Sultan Nasser Al-Suweidi as saying.
Sfakianakis gave six reasons for Riyadh not to revalue the Saudi riyal:
The Tories are claiming plans to revalue the country's 20million homes would mean EVERYONE paying more.
The Newcastle-based plc yesterday announced it is on track to revalue its portfolio by 9% when it reveals its September year-end results next month.
Although Beijing is under pressure to free the yuan up further, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao indicated earlier this month that the government would not revalue the currency in the fashion it did last year, saying there will be ''no more surprises.
When asked if they believe mold can revalue a real estate transaction, 99% of respondents said yes.
As China continues to manipulate the yuan, the commission supports the passage of the Graham-Schumer China Free Trade Bill that would impose across-the-board tariffs on Chinese goods if China does not revalue its currency.
A recent move to revalue the Chinese currency, the yuan, by 2.
Behind the Schumer bill is a push to get China to revalue its currency, the yuan.
Congressmen are taking a more open view to pleas by electronics manufacturers to pressure China to revalue its currency.