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a new appraisal or evaluation

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The recommendation of three-yearly revaluations, with the valuation date set just one year before a rating comes into effect, is a significant win.
As part of Cyprus' bailout agreement with international lenders, authorities here completed the revaluation of around half a million properties in 2014.
The dramatic increases are a result of the recent revaluation of properties, the results of which were announced last week by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA).
Shares issued by US non-financial corporations experienced a positive revaluation of 8 billion.
Thus, another key consideration in whether a transaction should qualify as a revaluation event is whether the transaction is conducive to ascribing objectively verifiable FMVs to partnership assets.
Running two years late, it will be the first revaluation by the Valuation Office Agency since 2010 - a period of huge change on the high streets of North Wales.
Under the current system, business rates are recalculated every five years, with the last revaluation taking place in 2010.
In a statement, the central bank said, 'Revaluation reserves arising from change in the carrying amount of a bank's property consequent upon its revaluation would be considered as common equity tier 1 capital (CET1) instead of Tier 2 capital as hitherto.
e commercial property advisor has carried out a review, calculating what the 2015 revaluation would have looked like if it had taken place when it was originally due on April 1, then comparing this to what businesses will instead have to pay over the course of the deferment.
SMALL businesses in some parts of Belfast may have to relocate following the latest rates revaluation, it was claimed yesterday.
After months of uncertainty, the Valuation Office has con-firmed that rate revaluation for commercial properties would take place on April 1 2017 following a valuation date of April 1 2015.
Questions arise in regard to the value of revaluations as the revaluation process is costly, both directly and indirectly, for firms.
com)-- An innovative and useful improvement on an existing sporting goods accessory simple yet innovative new product targeted at millions of fishermen worldwide, the New Revaluation Arrow, has been developed by Leif Hollingshead of Cortez, California.
The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) recorded $852 million worth of gold revaluation losses as of end-May with reserves amounting to $7.
HIGH street heavyweight Poundland is backing calls for the Government to scrap its planned postponement of the business rates revaluation.