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I'm constantly wading into them, watering can akimbo, splashing their roots, tying and retying their canes, nipping and lopping, driving their energy into producing fruit.
It's like an old car retying up to overtake new machines.
Like the original, it's virtually snag-proof thanks to a tapered shoulder, curved design, and buoyant body--which also serves as a rattle chamber--while the new weight-change system eliminates retying.
Now, the United States is retying on Russia to launch our astronauts into space--even as relations remain tense over Russia's war with Georgia and other recent actions.
With case studies from China, Japan, Korea, she discusses such aspects as landscapes, legends, and skyscapes; shamans in the East Asian neolithic; and retying the knots.
A patented control valve cinches the bag spout concentrically, allowing dust-free retying of partially empty bags.
A patented, UDSA-accepted power-cincher flow control valve cinches the bag spout concentrically, allowing dust-free retying of partially empty bags.
Gonzales came up with the Xtenex, an abbreviation for "indexed tensioning nexus," in 1999 for "ease of use" with his two toddlers, so they could always take their shoes on and off without retying.
Immediately above the clamp ring is a Power-Cincher flow control valve employing a series of curved, articulated rods that cinch the bag spout concentrically, allowing dust-free retying and removal of partially empty bags.
Nothing to concern you, Ben Walters,' she said, retying the strings and pushing the packet into her waistband.
High-end furniture manufacturer Hickory Chair is retying on an often-overlooked resource--employees' minds--to stay competitive in the present tough global market.
It eliminates dust during untying, emptying, retying, and removal of bulk bags and promotes complete discharge of contents.
Cosmology and interior design may make an improbable dyad, but McElheny has a beguiling knack for unbraiding and retying the threads of historical narratives, making us see our cultural production as the fusion--and, in his words, "confusion"--of the most unlikely of forces.
The problem with a weave is that it requires frequent retying, or tightening, of the wig.