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that may be returned

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A New EPS Control Strategy to Improve Steering Wheel Returnability," SAE Technical Paper 2000-01-0815, 2000, doi:10.
To classify it as "bridewealth" or "dowry" is clearly problematic: in terms of Goody's (1973) set of distinctions between bridewealth and dowry (in terms of content, recipients, givers, returnability, time of payment, and use), the buis could be classified as bridewealth according to two variables, as dowry according to another two, and as neither or both according to the remaining three.
People made contracts for power over a variety of dimensions, sizes of flows, interruptibility, timing, returnability, and reliability.
Returnability has had the greatest impact in the area of containers.
Toyota has, for example, developed a method for translating a driver's sensitivity to steering feel into a quantitative model capable of balancing steering effort, returnability, and torque to provide optimum steering feel under a wide range of driving conditions.
The organization believes that many of publications' attributes that are unappreciated by retailers--no warehouse or distribution costs, prepricing, good to excellent turnover, full returnability, free fixtures, wholesaler assistance and low operating expenses--will crystallize in research focusing on direct product profitability (DPP).
Buckhorn is committed to providing customer-driven innovations that maximize returnability, reusability and sustainability across a variety of markets," said Rob Tieman, Director of Sales and Marketing.
Returnability and reusability are key words in any discussion of plastic containers and load bases, whether they be totes, bulk boxes, or pallets.