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an exhibition of a representative selection of an artist's life work

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concerned with or related to the past

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Monographs and critical studies on the artist continue to proliferate, and now MOMA is hosting a retrospective of Munch's work--surprisingly, the first exhibition in the US to be devoted to the Norwegian painter in almost three decades.
Satisfying because this retrospective confirms that, whatever else may be said of the National Commission on Excellence in Education, its words are still taken seriously by serious people.
Tseng Kwong Chi, born in Hong Kong as Joseph Tseng, succumbed to complications from AIDS in 1990 at age 39, but the first career-spanning exhibit of his work, "Tseng Kwong Chi: A Retrospective," opened in Philadelphia on March 19, the third annual exhibition in PrideFest America's "Artistic Alternatives" series.
Another of Island's two-disc career retrospectives, this one is pure delight for anyone who wants the real stuff from an essential Jamaican artist who heavily influenced the Clash among many others.
IN THE FALL OF 2005 the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York mounted three remarkable retrospectives of avant-garde filmmakers of the same artistic generation: All three--Robert Beavers, Owen Land (born George Landow), and Morgan Fisher--began making films in the 1960s, and all three won considerable recognition while still quite young (Beavers and Land were teenagers when they screened their first films; Fisher was in his midtwenties).
They have retrospectives in film, in music, in painting all the time, but it's very rare in theater.
In a way, I feel like I shouldn't even be having retrospectives until I'm like 60 or 70,'' she said during an interview at MOCA a few days ago while helping to install 156 works covering every phase of her singular career.
No hot new talent sprung from the galleries over the past year, but a slew of career retrospectives improved the art world's landscape.
2 The Bontecou Effect This year saw a spate of important retrospectives by women artists (Lee Bontecou, Yvonne Rainer, Joan Jonas) who came of age in the '60s and early '70s.
All told, there have been four retrospectives since the artist's death, three in Europe and now, finally, one in the United States.
Concurrent exhibitions treat aspects of Ed Ruscha's work that remain unexamined even after two recent retrospectives.
Midcareer retrospectives are tricky deals, and Pierson isn't the first artist to find himself ill served.
LIKE MOST RETROSPECTIVES, the Gerhard Richter exhibition curated by Robert Storr was organized chronologically.
Indeed, to hear any admirer of Hesse tell it, the significance of the show far exceeds the usual batch of claims attached to museum retrospectives.