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a small rocket engine on a larger rocket or spacecraft that is fired to slow or alter its course

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One mile above the ground, explosive bolts will jettison the parachute and six retrorockets will slow the craft to just 1.
Some of these inventions that didn't make the cut make sense to us today, such as the use of retrorockets for heavy air-dropped cargo and vehicles.
As Columbia fired its retrorockets at midmorning to pull itself out of orbit and re-enter the atmosphere, traffic was halted on the base.
As a commercially-viable spacecraft would have to be reusable, the design would also have to cram in a heat shield, retrorockets and perhaps parachutes into the ten per cent of solid matter take-off weight.
Electrical problems near the end of the groundbreaking mission meant that he had to manually fire his retrorockets and successfully steer the capsule through re-entry.
When Phoenix's robotic arm imaged the lander's footpads on the fifth day after landing, scientists discovered that the retrorockets had exposed a flat layer of bright ice.
Every inch of the craft must be protected by a rigid aeroshell, which bears the brunt of the fastest portion of the descent before parachutes and retrorockets take over.