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Synonyms for retrogression

a return to a former, usually worse condition

Synonyms for retrogression

passing from a more complex to a simpler biological form

returning to a former state

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Democrats' interpretation of the retrogression standard (45) and
The ability of China to avoid retrogression largely resulted from the political will of Deng Xiaoping.
Without the benefit of a readily administrable retrogression standard--a standard condemning redistricting plans resulting in quantifiable retrogression--post-preclearance litigation could very well rise to unacceptable levels.
Social-Darwinist depictions of black moral retrogression and sexual savagery disparaged African Americans as "unmanly" and "unwomanly.
There has been some retrogression since then, but it is still true that more people are living in democracies than in most of history.
Yes, there has been some progress, but the trend from an equity perspective is one of retrogression," says Milem.
Priority dates have recently undergone substantial retrogression, resulting in great delays in the availability of immigration visas even for individuals whose applications have been approved.
This means, for example, that the progressive introduction of Spanish forms of rulership masculinized political life, producing a sort of retrogression from native practices.
Different institutional contexts create higher payoffs to differing sets of activities that may possibly lead to economic growth but may also lead to economic stagnation or even retrogression.
These include changes in nutrient cycling, decreased species diversity as a result of decreasing habitat diversity, retrogression (a reversal of the normal process of species succession as the ecologic community is simplified), and increased fluctuations in population size.
However, performance of the economic traits and purity of the cultural stocks have been reduced because of the idioplasm retrogression and the parental scallops are wild populations.
In the mid-1950s racial retrogression characterized the South, as progress that had been made in black voting, university desegregation and the integration of athletic competitions was halted and then reversed.
It is even incriminated as the cause of a kind of social retrogression in developed countries, including new poverty and a growing number of homeless.