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Synonyms for retroactive

descriptive of any event or stimulus or process that has an effect on the effects of events or stimuli or process that occurred previously

affecting things past

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The plane achieves its infinity in its open movement: "Every movement passes through the whole of the plane by immediately turning back on and folding itself and also by folding other movements or allowing itself to be folded by them, giving rise to retroactions, connections, and proliferations in the fractalization of this infinitely folded up infinity.
4 and 5; Augustine, The Retroactions, Book I, chapter 12, section 3.
C'est bien l'articulation et la porosite de communautes heterogenes et complementaires qui fondent a la fois la l'entrepreneuriat et la creativite individuelle mais par boucle de retroactions positives successives alimentent tres largement la performance du territoire.
Formellement, l'offre et la demande vont interagir de concert au travers d'un mecanisme de retroactions positives (Arthur 1990) dont le resultat en l'absence de toute intervention exterieure est un desequilibre regional.
A l'inverse, il s'agit plutot d'une selection des regions qu'opere le mecanisme economique de retroactions positives.