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  • verb

Synonyms for retrieve

Synonyms for retrieve

to get back

Synonyms for retrieve

get or find back

go for and bring back

run after, pick up, and bring to the master

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Michelline Dufort, Director of Business Relations for the NH High Tech Council, said, "Today's event signals the start of a long relationship between the Council and Retrieve Technologies.
Repeat that drill twice, adding 10-15 yards to each retrieve.
Your partner should then toss a single retrieve, and you should send your dog.
injection molding' and (nitrile adj rubber or acrylonitrile adj butadiene adj [rubber or copolymer] or NBR) retrieves around 253 records using Boolean and other operators.
Company President Jude McColgan says Retrieve Technologies is answering the public's demand for video.
The next step is adding more decoys and tossing the retrieving dummy right into the middle or beyond them, requiring the dog to pass through your "decoy spread" to retrieve.
Even if he was retrieving for the breeder before you picked him up, he probably won't retrieve for you right away.
Your files will be stored on Solagent's server, where you can retrieve and decrypt them using a custom tool.
Moreover, email systems are not optimized to quickly retrieve specific information from the large volume of unstructured data they hold.
When called upon to retrieve business records five or 10 years from now -- records likely to exist only in electronic format -- information managers will have to attest to accuracy, completeness, and authenticity, possibly without much assistance from computer professionals.
Molecular biologists have been tripping over each other in recent years in the race to retrieve samples of DNA from dinosaur bones and other fossils.
To retrieve a document, the user has to know where to look.
The Retrieve SaaS platform provides companies with new tools to communicate more effectively in a video and mobile economy.