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Synonyms for retrenchment


Synonyms for retrenchment

entrenchment consisting of an additional interior fortification to prolong the defense

the reduction of expenditures in order to become financially stable

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Tati Nickel employees were not paid retrenchment packages as their termination of employment was not a result of redundancy as envisaged by section 25 of the Employment Act, but they were terminated upon insolvency of Tati Nickel; hence they are covered by section 91A of the Employment Act,' he said.
After delaying for more than 24 months, government finally has decided to implement the recommendations, paving the way for what could be the second major retrenchment since Independence.
The case of Miriam College, where retrenchment was executed even without sufficient proof of substantial losses, is not unique.
He said the newspaper management had not fulfilled the required legal procedure prior to the forcible retrenchment of journalists from its bureaus from Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.
Having withstood the shock of lower oil prices in 2015, GCC economies are entering a protracted period of slower economic growth and fiscal retrenchment which will impact deposit growth and lending opportunities for banks.
The Nigerian government has asked financial institutions in the nation to discontinue ongoing retrenchment.
As will be shown, calls for dramatic retrenchment and "offshore balancing" rest on weak historical foundations.
Retrenchment is not isolationism; it is an adjustment of strategic goals and means.
The Coalition's record on working age social security is reviewed under the headings of continuity (with the policies of the previous government), retrenchment and reform.
The Bank attributed last year's losses to efforts made to contain non-performing loans, but its retrenchment programme over the last few years has also had its effect, particularly in H1 2011.
But now SOU is ending majors such as physics - and the danger is that the cuts will trigger yet another decline in enrollment, forcing further retrenchment.
The report noted that "further reassessment of the Fed's likely exit timeline could spark another major retrenchment in capital flows to emerging markets, particularly if this occurs in the context of increased uncertainty and heightened investor risk aversion.
Retrenchment in the American welfare state; the Reagan and Clinton administrations in comparative perspective.
The retrenchment exercise currently underway at the country's oldest uranium mine, Rossing Uranium, will be finalised by the end of May, the Economist has established.