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Synonyms for retread

a used automobile tire that has been remolded to give it new treads

use again in altered form

give new treads to (a tire)

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The new MICHELIN X Multi Energy D Pre-Mold retread complements our new tire offering in meeting those needs and performs especially well in 4x2 applications.
As the world leader in tire manufacturing solutions, VMI sees the retread market as increasingly being a core business.
Domestic industry sources say that the most popular brands of retread TBR tires on the island include Bridgestone, Michelin and Maxxis, with the Bridgestone factory expected to affect the major supply of some 12 local retreaded-tire distributors.
However, international standards for retread tyres are starting to bite.
He added that the new factory can retread most sizes of tyres.
Compared to new tires, retread tires can contribute to resource conservation by reducing as much as two-thirds the consumption of raw materials such as natural rubber, reducing CO2 emissions generated in tire production, and contribute to reducing the number of tires scrapped by maximizing their total life.
Industries send their old tires to the retread plant, the old rubber is buffed off, new rubber is applied, and it is put through a mold.
If every commercial vehicle in Wales had retread tyres, it would conserve nearly 7,500 tonnes of material every year, but we need to start now if we are going to solve the problem.
A new tire would cost about $400; a retread runs about $135, Larsen says.
The company is at the forefront of retread tyre technology and already has plans for further expansion in the town.
The pair now claims 10 service centers and four retread plants across Arkansas among their fleet.
For tires used in long-haul service, the new extended warranty will cover workmanship and materials for up to two retreads or five years from date of manufacture on or after Sept.
The Brazilian market is supplied with both new and retread tyres whereas in the European Union there is no significant market for retreads.
BIRMINGHAM-based Dunlop Aircraft Tyres is spreading its wings worldwide - with a new hi-tech retread and distribution facility in China.
Goodyear Dunlop Tyres has announced a further substantial investment in its Wolverhampton truck tyre retread site.