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The station's owner, Oregon TV LLC, had asked a judge to order Dish to stop retransmitting KEZI's signal unless and until the sides reached an agreement that set the price Dish pays to carry the channels.
For people who are retransmitting content, the penalties are tough.
KEZI officials informed viewers last month that they expected Dish to yank the station from its channel lineup, and sued after Dish continued retransmitting the signal.
In light of this harm to the public, Cablevision is calling on governmental entities and non-profit organizations to consider retransmitting the World Series over the Internet for free.
If a message is not received, the sending device must wait and finally "time out" before retransmitting.
It was founded in 1989 as a joint venture amongst VKT Enterprises, a groundbreaker in the field of television and video production in the early 90's, Russian TV and Radio Networks (RTRS), a governmental agency, the owner of a network of transmitting and retransmitting facilities, and StroiMediaResurs LLC, which is a distributor of television and broadcasting equipment.
Mazur noted that the agreement with WPXI is consistent with the TCI policy of seeking arrangements with broadcasters that enhance value to customers but do not involve payment of cash compensation to broadcasters for retransmitting TV station signals.
The vast litany of prohibited actions includes receiving, acquiring, transmitting, possessing, retransmitting, manufacturing, distributing, developing, assembling, transferring, importing, offering and advertising, and even includes possessing plans or instructions, as well as assisting others in any of those acts.