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surgical instrument that holds back the edges of a surgical incision

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Some of fibres of penis retractor muscle extend past its insertion on to first region to insert on to pocket carrying giant spine.
Proximal one is a short, slender duct which together with terminal end of vas deferens is totally invested by wide insertion of penis retractor muscle, thus obscuring its true structure.
tuberculata coccinea, from trochophore stage to torsion differs to that of other species because the formation of the larval retractor muscle, the integumental attachment, and the development of the foot mass occurred simultaneously in the present species.
Development rate of hatch-out, formation of larval retractor muscle, 90 degree torsion and formation of epipodial tentacle were recorded.
Blood drainage from the penis is done by external pudendal vein and internal pudendal vein and venous blood in deep vein penis, bulbar vein and dorsal penile vein enter to internal pudendal vein and then internal iliac and finally coudal vena cava, and the external pudendal vein blood prepuce, skin, corpus spongiosum penis and ischiocavernosus, bulbospongiosus and retractor muscles and free part penis through dorsal vein drainage (Fig7,8).
The disposition of the pedal and byssus retractor muscles was considered particularly important for the definition of genera.