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surgical instrument that holds back the edges of a surgical incision

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Next, the retractors were placed and secured with adhesives (part of the prefabricated EarWell system).
Here we describe an obliquely striated invertebrate muscle, the nuchal retractor muscle (NRM) of squids and cuttlefishes, which is activated in different ways during locomotion: at the start of muscle shortening, periodically during muscle lengthening, and occasionally during brief periods of muscle isometry.
7 November 2016 - Massachusetts-based medical device maker Boston Scientific (NYSE: BSX) has acquired the LumenRTissue Retractor System from Newark, California based LumenR LLC, the company said.
In addition, the system's radiolucent retractor increases visibility of critical anatomical structures during intraoperative C-Arm use.
The tendon insertion of the subscapularis is preserved; however, the inferior muscular portion (approximately 5 mm to 10 mm) is released from the humeral neck and retracted inferiorly and medially using a Hohmann or substitute curved retractor, placing the axillary nerve in a safe extra-capsular position (Fig.
Designed and manufactured by the same team that developed Securikey's bestselling, robust Super 48 key reel range, T-REIGN Retractors feature high strength polycarbonate bodies and are built to last, even when used in the most demanding industrial and commercial environments.
Keywords: Parathyroid retractor, Innovation, Parathyroid gland.
The need to reposition the retractor during a procedure is reduced
The Viewline retractor system offers 50 mm through 120 mm blade options with 30 degrees of blade pivoting for maximum access through a smaller incision, as well as two, three or four blades designed to move independently for maximum customization.
The VEO system also features a tubular retractor made of Solvay's Radel[R] polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) resin for radiolucency and the ability to withstand repeated steam sterilization.
If cracks occur in the panel around the lower seatbelt retractor anchor, the seatbelt retractor may become detached, Toyota said in a (http://pressroom.
retractor is used to spread the skin and muscles surrounding the spine to give a surgeon access to vertebrae during spinal surgery.
The two-step process starts with the surgeon inserting an S-retractor through the incision into the peritoneal cavity and then lifting the abdominal layers with the bottom of the retractor, creating a barrier between the fascia and the visceral contents.