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However, the witnesses retracted from their statements which they submitted to police and refused to recognise main accused, Mustafa Kanju.
The police said that the witnesses had recorded in statements that former state minister's son Mustafa Kanju was drunk and shot the student but retracted later on.
As the day progressed and pressured mounted, Salman realised that he got more than he had bargained for and retracted the tweets.
The plane, which was supposed to take Borisov to Brussels, took off shortly after 7 pm Sofia time but it turned out that its landing gear had not retracted.
Thus type A requires the safety button to be pushed for the index plunger to be retracted - once the button is let go the plunger extends once again.
A NEW barrier is to be put up at a sectarian interface - but it can be retracted if there's no trouble.
The Indian central bank has retracted a ban that prevented foreign investors from buying shares in India-based Yes Bank (YESBANK.
A groove around the clypeus, 'the clypeal groove', appeared to house the retracted or looped stylets, especially the part of the loop closer to the labium (Figs.
An Egyptian TV station has retracted a report which suggested a former second-in-command of Egypt's military has fled to Abu Dhabi.
1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In sharp contrast to previous studies suggesting that errors account for the majority of retracted scientific papers, a new analysis-the most comprehensive of its kind-has found that misconduct is responsible for two-thirds of all retractions.
Operators, follow the word in TM 5-3805-248-14&P-1 when you check the hydraulic oil with the scraper idling and the cylinders retracted.
Most retracted studies are withdrawn because of authors' unintentional errors, but an increasing number result from deliberate fraud.
In February, Lancet formally retracted a 1998 study that had kindled a storm of opposition to vaccines (SN Online: 2/3/10).
British Airways, Boeing South Africa's Civil Aviation Authority has praised the airmanship of British Airways Boeing 747-400 pilots who battled to prevent a low-altitude stall after the leading-edge slats unexpectedly retracted during lift-off from Johannesburg.
The British medical journal The Lancet has retracted a 1998 study suggesting a link between autism and the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine, reports USA Today.