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Synonyms for retractation

a formal statement of disavowal

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La Redactrice/le Redacteur scientifique doit etre pret a publier des corrections, des clarifications, des retractations et des excuses si necessaire.
Le signal fort de la retractation d'Ankara, l'allie devenu encombrant, est apparu, a l'appel du president americain, Barack Obama, privilegiant les mesures d'apaisement regional necessaire mais juge insuffisant par la Ligue arabe qui exige le retrait pur et simple des troupes turques d'Irak.
may not be explained as Roman defects due to contamination or retractation," but can be attributed rather to "internal or external necessity which, in my opinion, made them inevitable in the Greek original.
Enfin, les commentaires negatifs sont la plupart du temps accompagnes d'une forme de retractation, valorisant presque toujours le quartier ou le rendant << ordinaire >> : << Ces problemes se retrouvent partout.
Cette greve vient en reponse a ce que les grevistes ont appele la retractation de la direction quant a l'application de plusieurs revendications professionnelles telles que la prime de danger et de depollution.
43) He further decreed that anyone who pertinaciously rejects such a proposition and who does not make a retractation after being admonished by the apostolic see or the ordinary is to be punished with a just penalty.
Cette retractation de la pudeur amicale, toute de discretion
Selon Hobbes, le contrat originel est un contrat sans retractation possible (23).
In so doing, Teske engages in a kind of Augustinian retractation (toward the end of his life, Augustine reviewed and commented on virtually all his previous writings and collected these notes in his work called Retractationes 426-7 C.
This behavior could be explained by the strain-induced crystallization which could "lock" the chain relaxation and by the competition between chains relaxation and crystallization kinetics, as explained with the reptation and retractation times by Mahendrasingam et al.