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Synonyms for retractation

a formal statement of disavowal

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Ainsi, les droits a l'information, a la protection des droits economiques, a la representation et a la retractation, le droit au choix et a l'ecoute sont des droits fondamentaux renforces a travers la Loi 31-08.
43) He further decreed that anyone who pertinaciously rejects such a proposition and who does not make a retractation after being admonished by the apostolic see or the ordinary is to be punished with a just penalty.
Selon Hobbes, le contrat originel est un contrat sans retractation possible (23).
In so doing, Teske engages in a kind of Augustinian retractation (toward the end of his life, Augustine reviewed and commented on virtually all his previous writings and collected these notes in his work called Retractationes 426-7 C.
This behavior could be explained by the strain-induced crystallization which could "lock" the chain relaxation and by the competition between chains relaxation and crystallization kinetics, as explained with the reptation and retractation times by Mahendrasingam et al.