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Ohman looks forward to retracing more of the Wrights' historic discoveries in the upcoming months as the nation nears the 100th anniversary of the 17 December 1903 flight of the Wright Flyer, the first powered flight.
Officials expected to call in additional deputies today, adding up to 70 searchers walking the trails and retracing William's footsteps in an effort to find him.
Carol Kidwell has clearly performed a labor of love in retracing Sannazaro's life and times, surveying his work with an appreciative eye, and recounting her enthusiasm in a highly readable yet scholarly and well documented book.
Wholesale inventories were down on balance over the first quarter, with a large March decline more than retracing increases earlier in the year; the ratio of inventories to sales was well below the range prevailing over the last several years.
Patrick Centre and some of the finest castles on the island or retracing the step of one's family heritage, Northern Ireland's reputation for friendly people and beautiful scenery is sure to please vacationers of all ages and interests.
Most pairs seem to be taking a break from their trends while retracing from their previous highs.
As Thompson an his wife realize the significance of their lives and what they've entirely done, Autumn Shadows In August begins its story through the retracing of a once young man's journey through Europe from Germany to Rome, replete with intriguing twists and adventurous intricacies.
The winding, decentralized floor plan of MAK's Schindler House location only heightened the strangeness, as viewing the handful of images, sparsely hung throughout, became a process of trekking and retracing one's steps.
Several hundred people on Saturday commemorated a historic Chicano protest against the Vietnam War, retracing the path that nearly 30,000 demonstrators marched in 1970.
Mr Tom Wilson, aged 79, will go on a 150-mile cycling trip, retracing the route of the march he and friend Mr Leslie Sidwell were forced to undertake as the Germans retreated in 1945.
While retracing Columbus' route across the Atlantic, an international group of scientists detected a substantial warming in the subtropical part of that ocean.
7 percent, nearly retracing its September decline, while the production of nondurables was unchanged.
By retracing the same course that Ederle swam in 1925, van Wisse is honoring an American icon and swimming legend.
B waves of flats retrace a significant portion of wave A, sometimes retracing more than 100% of wave A (in the case of an expanded flat).
Retracing Marco Polo is the travelogue of a modern family's journey to retrace Marco Polo's route to China.