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  • verb

Synonyms for retouch

to improve by making minor changes or additions

Synonyms for retouch

alter so as to produce a more desirable appearance

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Our proprietary, patent-pending technology breaks down the complex color management and retouching process into a series of simple steps, each incorporating sophisticated editing tools and processes specifically designed to deliver top-quality images faster and at lower cost than ever before.
Amiens mtropole purchasing center (amca): Cleaning of work clothes and sundries and retouching.
In this context, photo retouching service has taken center stage, gone are those days when photo retouching was taking place in backroom but in recent times people are retouching their images right on their desktops and mobile phones, thanks to advanced technology which has made a big difference in the way we perceive the world.
com Outsourcing Company photo editing/High Quality Photo Retouching Services and Manipulation services.
Digital Photo Magic: Easy Image Retouching and Restoration for Librarians, Archivists, and Teachers
While Motive's headshot retouching service is based in Los Angeles, the company works with clients across the globe through its automated web interface.
She was sent proof images by firm Yellow with a form stating: "Please circle areas that need retouching.
Other stars, such as Beyonce and Dame Helen Mirren, have gone without photo retouching for the H&M swimwear ads and L'Oreal ad, respectively.
The smaller typometric group is probably the result of re-sharpening and retouching.
10 ( ANI ): Adobe is synonymous with Photoshop, which in turn is synonymous with the act of digitally retouching or manipulating a photograph, however, the maker isn't concerned about how the software is being used.
The painting has extensive areas of paint loss and abraded paint which require filling and retouching.
It was highlighted by a campaign against digital retouching led by Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson.
Editor Lucy Danziger defended the retouching of the 27-year-old star and wrote: "Of course we do retouching.
She said: "I like a certain amount of retouching, like anybody.