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  • verb

Synonyms for retouch

to improve by making minor changes or additions

Synonyms for retouch

alter so as to produce a more desirable appearance

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Your role as a portrait retoucher is to accentuate the person's natural features while minimizing the distractions and blemishes that can detract from a pleasing portrait.
Barco Graphics provides integrated prepress solutions for targeted graphic arts markets (packaging, magazine and book printing, variable-information publishing, high-volume or large-format commercial printing, decorative and textile, cartography, ceramics and security printers, high-end photo retouchers, design bureaus).
Newsweek's photo retouchers even whitened and straightened Bobbi McCaughey's teeth.
This invaluable resource for designers, illustrators, retouchers, students and graphic artists is now in its 8th edition and is fully updated to cover the new features found in CS6.
Expressly made for photographers, graphic designers, color retouchers, and printers who rely heavily on accurate color reproduction, BenQ s color management monitors deliver superior quality at incredibly affordable prices.
Some 3,000 photographers plus photographic printers, retouchers, colorists, equipment manufacturers, and sellers are cataloged in a biographical dictionary that includes about 240 b&w illustrations, many not previously published.
It's a lot better than having a staff of professional retouchers in the back room," comments Michael Reiher, vice president of Sales and Marketing at BigNose.
In the earliest pictures, retouchers had a field day, smoothing away pimples, rashes, and crotch bulges.
The event's audience includes amateur and professional photographers, graphic designers, web developers, photo retouchers, illustrators, and Photoshop users of all skill levels and interests.
Expressly made for photographers, graphic designers, color retouchers, and printers who rely heavily on color accuracy, BenQ s certified color management monitors provide reliable, printing-certified soft-proofing precision at an incredibly affordable price.