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  • verb

Synonyms for retouch

to improve by making minor changes or additions

Synonyms for retouch

alter so as to produce a more desirable appearance

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He began to photograph in 1941 and studied first with a retoucher, then later with a commercial photographer who introduced him to Switzerland's flourishing magazine, newspaper, and book publishing industry.
Their photos had been retouched by master retoucher Pascal Dangin.
He also began to specialise as a digital retoucher, making sure every client he worked for looked perfect in their finished photo for glossy magazines.
Je l'eusse exhorte a retoucher sa dissertation, a se permettre moins d'ecarts, a serrer un peu son style, et ses pensees.
Pour contenter a la fois et le public et les comediens, Laperriere trouva une idee geniale, ce fut de retoucher les pieces en vogue sur la scene francaise et d'en oter les personnages feminins.
Yoshioka is known in the business as an expert varnish retoucher.
The nature of package printing would move one to think that there are specific approaches to be taken by an experienced retoucher when preparing an image for this purpose, as opposed to producing, say, an offset printed advertisement or promotional catalogue.
She tended to be put in the role of darkroom printer and retoucher of photos which she fought against.
Your role as a portrait retoucher is to accentuate the person's natural features while minimizing the distractions and blemishes that can detract from a pleasing portrait.
Flip your parting to hide root regrowth or disguise roots with Schwarzkopf's brilliant Root Retoucher.
703), with the comment by Remy de Gourmont that Mallarme had touched it up for the new edition: "Le maitre, en nous la laissant reproduire, a voulu, toujours si soigneux artiste, revoir et retoucher son travail d'alors" ("The master, in permitting us to reproduce it, wanted, the always careful artist that he was, to review it and touch up his former work") (Oeuvres, p.
Paul Remi Prevost, a digital artist and retoucher, has joined ArtLight Studios, specializing in creating digital visions: unique effects and designs applied to photographic portraits.
From his early training under his uncle's tutelage in his native Vietnam to his work as a retoucher in his family's photo studio at age fifteen, the budding photographer was always developing his technical skills and keen eye.
Estimant que l'intention du senateur LaPierre etait de rectifier le compte rendu et non de le retoucher, le president a demande que, avec la permission du Senat, les Debats du Senat soient corriges.
Passe pour les decouvreurs, acteurs et temoins irremplacables de l'evenement, meme s'il faut parfois retoucher ce temoignage interesse.