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  • verb

Synonyms for retouch

to improve by making minor changes or additions

Synonyms for retouch

alter so as to produce a more desirable appearance

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The retoucher, or the person assigned to manipulate this image in order to prepare it for proper execution across all packaging components, must have the understanding of what/whom his end user will be before he can commence his labor.
The best retouchers appreciate a person's unique characteristics and carefully accentuate the positive and minimize the less-than-flattering facial characteristics.
Shadow has one meaning for a photographer, another for a retoucher.
Il etait donc necessaire de les << retoucher >>, de les << corriger >>, de les << aseptiser >>.
Such embellishments would invite claims that "the results were from the brain of the retoucher," Lowell's editors wrote to him in 1905.
As a photo retoucher and illustrator at Keller Crescent Co.
When they were young, he was going to school (and working), my mother and aunts worked in garment shops, and my mother was a retoucher of photos--all to get him through school.
This program offers such features as an image editor, color corrector, photo and illustrator retoucher and image restyler.
Il propose la meditation sur la fragilite d'instants uniques qu'il saisit grace a l'aquarelle, une technique reputee difficile dans son execution car impossible a retoucher une fois le pinceau pose sur le tableau.
Botello, a designer and retoucher on movie campaigns, uses lessons to teach those in the multimedia and design community the features of Adobe Illustrator CS6, including its new features, such as gradient strokes, image trace, the pattern options panel, and direct naming of layers.
IMPACT DIGITAL's master retoucher David Moran did an amazing job, I think what he did is beyond retouching and was more of an artistic collaboration.
4 Aurelien Froment, For Argument's Sake (presented by the Serpentine Gallery in collaboration with LUX, Goethe-lnstitut, London, January 17, 2008) Shot and screened live from the projection booth, Froment's "documentary play" staged a series of images and actions through successive interviews with an architect, a magazine photo retoucher, and a jigsaw-puzzle maker.
For beginners, Perkins, a writer and digital photo retoucher, explains the basics and tools of Photoshop CS2 (which also apply to early versions): cropping and orientation, basic and advanced techniques in color and exposure, filters and styles, layers, making selections, adding artwork, image retouching, simple projects, and outputting images.
A resident of Creswell since 1948, she worked as a photography retoucher, cleaning up portraits for a photographer.
The program was purchased as a sort of insurance," relates ColoRich's digital retoucher Leon Sandoval.