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a monthly payment made to someone who is retired from work

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In a sample cabin crew career, this would have meant that a purser choosing to continue flying until the age of 65 would have increased their subsequent company retirement pension from the EUR 960 a month of today to EUR 3,210.
Korea has a number of systems in place to guarantee that the elderly have a source of income: The National Pension Plan was introduced in 1988, personal pension plans were introduced in 1994, and retirement pension plans were introduced in 2004.
The retirement pensions of top company directors have increased by more than 23 per cent since last year to almost Au250,000 a year and are now "nothing short of scandalous", according to a new report.
In the tax proposal now under review, the commissioners may choose to exempt some forms of private sector retirement income - namely, those that they consider to be from federally recognized retirement pensions.
When you look at these positions, they are way overpaid and laced with perks and beaucoup retirement pensions in the first place.
Finally, Guillmette believes a proposal to increase the actuarial adjustment factor used to increase the retirement pensions of those who retire after 65 years of age would provide "a clear incentive to delay retirement.
These typically covered health insurance, retirement pensions, housing, nurseries, canteens, bathing facilities, various kinds of subsidies both in cash and in kind and, in large organizations, hospitals and schools.
A MULTI-MILLION pound office development in the shadow of Windsor Castle will help fund the retirement pensions of former local authority workers across Merseyside.
Thousands of British citizens living abroad have 'a burning sense of injustice' over the Government's failure to uprate their state retirement pensions in line with inflation, the High Court was told today.
With real reform now in the wind, it is worth remembering just how close this nation came to maintaining a basically private system of retirement pensions.
For starters, you can check your State pension entitlements by calling 0800 666 555 and asking for form BR19, an application for a retirement pension forecast, and a copy of the DSS Guide To Retirement Pensions.
Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions and Benefits Fund witnessed an eight degree increase in service rate, according to CEM Benchmarking under the title 'Defined Benefit Administration Benchmarking Analysis' report for the fiscal year 2013.
The contract incorporates; family allowances, healthcare, sickness benefits (including maternity and paternity), invalidity benefits, benefits for accidents at work, benefits for occupational diseases, retirement pensions and survivor's pensions.
The recent increase in retirement pensions and widow benefits of PS2.
A modest increase in Bulgaria's retirement pensions is to come into force on Monday, April 1.
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