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a monthly payment made to someone who is retired from work

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These veterans are entitled to retirement pension, educational and P1,200 daily hospitalization benefits at Veterans Memorial Medical Center and P20,000 burial assistance.
The government will launch an SME retirement pension fund in July 2015, which will provide retirement pension contribution support to SME employees for three years.
For those of you who started receiving your CPP retirement pension before this year and before the age of 65, you didn't have to contribute towards CPP if you made the decision to continue working.
This apparently generous payment was made in relation to the perceived low level of the relevant price index on which the retirement pension is based.
By bringing forward by ten years Labour's plans to raise the age at which the state retirement pension could be claimed for men from65 to 66, Osborne was trying to give the impression that here was a sacrifice to help restore the market economy which would affect everyone equally.
The carers allowance unit may also be correct that you would not actually receive carers allowance because your retirement pension is paid at a higher level and you would not receive both.
Tax experts might argue that a 401(k) plan is a federally recognized retirement pension, and county staff members still are working out kinks in the tax proposal.
By reviewing the way conventional state retirement pension programs have been affected by privatization, Hyde (social policy, U.
However, this does not apply to a retirement pension or annuity to the extent determined by reference to an employee's age or length of service, or prior contributions, even though the employee's retirement is occasioned by an occupational injury or sickness.
Now that I need my personal pension in my old age to top-up my meagre State Retirement Pension, I have to pay income tax on my hard-saved personal pension.
to allow individuals to take their QPP retirement pension at age 60, even if they continue to work;
When someone reached the state retirement pension age, 'the community would take the opportunity of thanking the individual for a successful working life, whether paid or unpaid'.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-6 August 2002-Denmark's early retirement pension criticised (C)1994-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
At present, Sanyo runs its retirement pension plan based on a DB system under which the amount of a monthly pension is based on the assumption that the annual yield on investment returns will average 5.
Today, Mace has four employees and three weekly e-zines: one for civil servants, one for active military personnel, and one for anyone who benefits from the federal retirement pension system.
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