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a monthly payment made to someone who is retired from work

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But, then, their young ranks are not expecting to garner a retirement check or a gold watch from a long-term employer.
When you retire, you will receive a monthly retirement check from the account.
Even so, he says, "After twenty, thirty years of work, it's taking your whole retirement check to pay for your health insurance.
Fortunately for Christensen, she's had little reason worry about whether her retirement check will bounce.
4% still dedicated to providing retirement checks would provide the retiree with a proportionally smaller retirement check than does the current program at 12.
Marine Corps in 1972, he paid into the Department of Defense Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP), which entitled me to a portion of his retirement check if he predeceased me.
A member must wait 20 years before receiving their first retirement check.
Social Security benefits can be calculated with the help of a Social Security pamphlet called Estimating Your Social Security Retirement Check.
In many cases workers would get their last pay check and then not get their retirement check for two or three months.
But when school's out in May, this 16-year veteran is leaving Sawtooth Elementary School--and teaching--for good, without the promise of a retirement check.
At present, my disability payment from the government is subtracted from my retirement check.
There very likely is some remnant of underlying loyalty to the government, which still provides many Tooele residents with a monthly retirement check and a few with full-time jobs.
Each out-of-state Tier 1 PERS recipient then would receive a bulging packet of pleas each month from across the state, along with their retirement check.
Delisle said retired priests receive a retirement check and have the option of living on their own, at a rectory, or at the Southgate housing complex in Shrewsbury, which offers assisted living help.
I have just received my first retirement check since the new tax cuts.
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