retirement benefit

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a monthly payment made to someone who is retired from work

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A new law requiring local units of government to report underfunded retirement benefits is being implemented, according to the Michigan Department of Treasury.
Five people, including two senior executives, are suing a Texas credit union they retired from for discontinuing promised lifetime retirement benefits, accusing their former employer of violating federal laws and fraud.
Read on for 10 things veterans and their dependents should know about available retirement benefits, from "2016 Social Security & Medicare Facts," which was published by The National Underwriter Company, an affiliate of LifeHealthPro.
This means that a person can no longer file for spousal benefits at full retirement age while allowing their own retirement benefit to continue growing.
Under this rule, a spouse filing early before their full retirement age was deemed to be filing for their own retirement benefit first.
Secret #8: The disabled weren't hurt as badly under the new law because they previously weren't able to collect full spousal benefits while letting their own retirement benefit grow.
is also when a spouse can receive a maximum 50 percent Social Security spousal retirement benefit.
As well as raising the state pension age to 70 in the face of "greatly increased" longevity, the IoD also called for the abolition of most means-tested state retirement benefits.
But what if the only retirement benefit is not a 401(k) with an account balance, but a pension plan, paying a monthly retirement benefit at a certain retirement age?
7 billion yen and the regular retirement benefits of 6.
TEI recommended that the definition of Eligible Retirement Benefit Plan follow the Internal Revenue Code and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act by treating plans that are retirement plans under those statutes as retirement plans for Pennsylvania purposes.
The less detailed tax and Social Security retirement benefit calculations used in traditional financial-planning software also explain some of the differences between the two programs' coverage recommendations, according to the study.
They would also get a tax-funded retirement benefit that would vary with their tax contributions.
However, for the next 5 years, he will continue to go to the same building, perform the same work tasks, and receive the same salary, plus his monthly retirement benefit.
With this funding vehicle, a third party has control of the assets from which the retirement benefit will be paid.