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someone who has retired from active working

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Data from the Federal Reserve shows retiree households (55+) have the largest net worth nearing $200,000.
Some organizations react by altering eligibility, requiring higher retiree contributions, or completely cutting the benefit.
Naiintindihan naman natin na 'yung mga retiree natin matatanda na, matampuhin.
Forty-three percent of retirees said their employers took no steps at all to help them understand and ready for the expense of retiree medical benefits before they retired.
But despite the fall in retiree health coverage, many workers still believe they'll receive it, the new report from the non-partisan research group finds.
Court of Appeals case to address the scope of the RBBPA and discuss the true intent of Congress concerning the protection of retiree health benefits during bankruptcy.
Funk, National Vice President for UnitedHealthcare Retiree Solutions, this growing need for retiree benefits no longer requires employers to take an all-or-nothing stance--either paying for health coverage or cutting retiring employees off.
WORCESTER - Without making a commitment to municipal retirees, the City Council last night asked the city administration for additional information on the feasibility of having the city pay for part or all of the retirees' Part B Medicare costs.
The systems for providing retiree benefits to state and local workers--who account for about 12 percent of the nation's workforce--are composed of two main components: pensions and retiree health care.
Governmental employees [are focusing] disproportionately on retiree health insurance benefits simply because they can, i.
The Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs have worked out a compromise plan to pay about $500 million in back retirement pay to more than 100,000 military retirees who receive compensation for service-connected disabilities.
The airline reached agreements on benefit cuts with both its court-appointed pilot and non-pilot retiree committees, according to court documents.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE -- The Air Force Retiree Council has an upcoming vacancy for the Area II (California) representative.
During the years 1998-2003, El Paso increased the retiree portion of health insurance premiums from $0 to $561 per month.
A pre-retiree or retiree may be able to pass something on to those that they want to, as well as those that they need to.
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