retinal scanning

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biometric identification by scanning the retina of the eye

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Viewpost found 31 percent of Americans see retinal scanning as a feasible technology for verifying payments, while 18 percent said they see themselves using voice control to make purchases within the next 10 years.
Retinal scanning is an important tool for opticians because it helps to pick up vision-threating conditions like glaucoma and the potentially serious damage to the eyes caused by diabetes, called diabetic retinopathy.
The two companies stated that they would collaborate on solutions that combine SGI(R) Visual Area Network (VAN) computing capabilities with Microvision's high-performance retinal scanning displays, including the recently released Nomad(TM) Personal Display System.
Microvision will design, integrate, and test a head-worn mobile display solution based on its unique retinal scanning display technology to meet the Army's medical system specification.
Editorial covers developments in established technologies such as fingerprint scanning, retinal scanning and video surveillance, as well as developments in such emerging technologies as voice/speech recognition, face print recognition, hand geometry, and smart cards.
Selected British Airways and Virgin Atlantic passengers are testing retinal scanning units in the immigration halls of terminals three and four as they pass through passport control, according to PA News.
STG recommends that companies which value confidentiality and IT security should choose more advanced technologies, such as retinal scanning and fingerprint recognition.
44 per cent found retinal scanning acceptable for this purpose.
Wenchel explains, "There's only one retinal scanning company to my knowledge, but there are a number of AFIS vendors in the US.
Stratus OCT is the standard of care system for comprehensive retinal scanning.
Though the latest rumour about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 involves retinal scanning, it appears that it may be more than just serving as another way to protect your smartphone.
How different, I recall, from today--the last time I was examined I browsed designer and sports vision items before being impressed by the practice's recent changes, which included investment in a retinal scanning device.
The study tested two technologies, retinal scanning and fingerprinting, the two most widely used in access control and law enforcement, respectively.
For many sectors of the $95 billion livestock industry, tracking methods such as retinal scanning, GPS, RFID tracking and DNA testing are being reviewed as possible solutions.
SCOTTISH retinal scanning equipment producer Optos has been affected by the difficult economic climate.