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The MacBook Pro with Retina display features the world's highest resolution notebook display.
The retina is located in the back of the eye and is a multi-layered, light-sensitive sensory tissue that lines the back of the eye.
Retina Consultants of Charleston provides state-of-the-art care in the management and treatment of vitreoretinal diseases and surgery of the retina, macula, vitreous and optic nerve in a comfortable, friendly environment.
Previous reports have suggested that the 13in Retina MacBook Pro will belaunched this month, and that the laptop will have8GB RAM.
According to the scientists, it is this encoder that can modify the stimulation of the nerves leading from the retina to the brain in a way that accurately reflects the natural visual process of the retina.
Other researchers have tried unsuccessfully to repair damaged retinas with stem cell transplants, says Christian Schmeer, a neurologist at the University Hospital Jena in Germany.
Many applications of laboratory-built human retinal tissues can be envisioned, including using them to test drugs and study degenerative diseases of the retina such as retinitis pigmentosa, a prominent cause of blindness in children and young adults.
If the vision remains blurred, however, referral to a retina specialist is indicated.
2 -- color) Second Sight's prototype implants, smaller than a thumbnail, is designed to replace damaged retinas and repair sight by transmitting images to the brain.
The new MacBook Pro packs more than 4 million pixels into its 13-inch Retina display, nearly twice the number of pixels in an HD television.
iPad mini with Retina display WLAN models, in silver or space gray, are available for a suggested retail price of 2,888 (RMB) for the 16GB model, 3,588 (RMB) for the 32GB model, 4,288 (RMB) for the 64GB model and 4,988 (RMB) for the 128GB model.
Apple introduced the Retina display during the release of the iPhone 4 back in 2010.
8220;The capabilities provided by Retina CS were a key driver of our acquisition of eEye Digital Security and we continue to place a tremendous amount of focus around product development with Retina CS to ensure that we are providing the best vulnerability management capabilities to address threats faced by today's dynamic IT organizations.
Washington, June 24 (ANI): The secret behind bird's superior vision over humans and all the other animals on the planet lies mostly in their extraordinary retina, which grows out of the brain during development, making it an official component of the central nervous system, according to a new study.
Repair of damage to the human retina caused by degenerative disease remains a challenge for medical science, because the human retina lacks a regenerative pathway.