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Faster and more powerful than ever, the new 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display now comes with sixth-generation Intel Core processors and the latest AMD high-performance graphics that deliver up to 3.
But in 2007, researchers discovered that Muller cells act as fiber-optic cables, helping light burrow through layers of retinal tissue to land on the cones at the back of the retina (SN: 5/19/07, p.
The retina is located in the back of the eye and is a multi-layered, light-sensitive sensory tissue that lines the back of the eye.
Earlier, reports have suggested that the iPad mini's Retina display could cost as much as 12 pounds more than the current display, increasing Apple's cost per unit to approximately 200 dollars.
Overall, the ultimate 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro with a 2.
In addition to new functionality such as cloud connectors, vulnerability management for virtualized environments, and agentless scanning for mobile devices, Retina CS now supports mobile devices on the enterprise network including Blackberry, Android, and ActiveSync-managed devices.
For many years, researchers have suspected that antioxidants might be beneficial to the health of the retina became it is subjected to so much oxidative and environmental stress; the retina processes a relatively large amount of oxygen and waste and is regularly bombarded by light.
If the vision remains blurred, however, referral to a retina specialist is indicated.
This group of surgeons and engineers is developing an artificial retina for people whose rods and cones have been destroyed.
Without treatment, a detached retina will usually result in blindness in the affected eye.
The new procedure - performed in a doctor's office - uses a drug that is drawn to newly developing blood vessels behind the retina.
Several years ago the American Retina Society members were polled with two questions.
The retina is a group of light-sensitive cells at the back of the eye.
Radial keratotomy involves making spokelike, microscopic incisions that flatten the cornea, allowing light rays entering the eye to be focused closer to the retina instead of in front of it.
As one of the area's largest and most established practices specializing in diseases affecting the retina, optic nerve and orbit, the Sarasota Retina Institute has provided state-of-the-art eye care via consultation to patients in Southwest Florida since 1981.