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Synonyms for reticule

a woman's drawstring handbag

a network of fine lines, dots, cross hairs, or wires in the focal plane of the eyepiece of an optical instrument

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The cost had materially exceeded her expectations, and she could not return home without disposing of some article she had in her reticule, to supply the vacuum left in her purse.
Sure enough, there was Frieda's reticule, containing her address book, her pocket dictionary, her map of London, and her money.
Yesterday a black satin reticule was lost in the Grands Magasins de la Louvre.
Neither Monsieur Stangerson nor Daddy Jacques had seen it for several days, but a few hours later we learned from Mademoiselle Stangerson herself that the reticule had either been stolen from her, or she had lost it.
The fact that Monsieur Darzac was with her in the Grands Magasins de la Louvre when the reticule disappeared could not pass unnoticed, and, it must be said, strongly awakened our interest.
Fanny opening her reticule, as they surveyed these things, produced from that repository a shilling and handed it to Uncle.
A man need be always emptying a till, or a pocket, or a woman's reticule, or a house, or a mail-coach, or a bank, if he drinks it regularly.
All this time sobbing, and searching in the little reticule.
With that, always sobbing and searching in the reticule, Georgiana produced a necklace.
I had better see my nephew at once,' said the old lady, twirling her reticule indignantly, and rising as she spoke.
They had been stopped at the Dazio coming back, and the young officials there, who seemed impudent and desoeuvre, had tried to search their reticules for provisions.
Our good child ransacked all her drawers, cupboards, reticules, and gimcrack boxes--passed in review all her gowns, fichus, tags, bobbins, laces, silk stockings, and fallals-- selecting this thing and that and the other, to make a little heap for Rebecca.
RETICULE A Suite of persons in attendance B A spy-glass C A bag or purse who am I?
Repairing & Servicing of Autolevels (Temporary adjustment (Level screw, tribach plate & trivet plate), Permanent adjustment, Line of collimation, Line of sight, Visibility of cross hair on reticule, Focusing of eyepiece and objective lenses, Removal of parallax, Bubble in spirit level, Horizontal tangent screw, Focusing knob, Removal of zero error in horizontal circle gradation, Compensator mechanism (pendulum prism) etc)
The sight is based on a x6 Steiner optic sight, a quick response laser rangefinder and a ballistic computer, which allows the soldier to obtain, by only pressing one remotely positioned button, the corrected reticule position and hence the accurate aiming spot.