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Synonyms for reticule

a woman's drawstring handbag

a network of fine lines, dots, cross hairs, or wires in the focal plane of the eyepiece of an optical instrument

References in classic literature ?
With that, always sobbing and searching in the reticule, Georgiana produced a necklace.
I believe it was the old identical steel-clasped reticule of my childhood, that shut up like a bite.
Spenlow, as Miss Murdstone brought a parcel of letters out of her reticule, tied round with the dearest bit of blue ribbon, 'those are also from your pen, Mr.
Here she ceased; and snapping her reticule again, and shutting her mouth, looked as if she might be broken, but could never be bent.
Neither Monsieur Stangerson nor Daddy Jacques had seen it for several days, but a few hours later we learned from Mademoiselle Stangerson herself that the reticule had either been stolen from her, or she had lost it.
The fact that Monsieur Darzac was with her in the Grands Magasins de la Louvre when the reticule disappeared could not pass unnoticed, and, it must be said, strongly awakened our interest.
The cost had materially exceeded her expectations, and she could not return home without disposing of some article she had in her reticule, to supply the vacuum left in her purse.
And, with a rigid movement of her stony reticule (an appendage of great size and of a fossil appearance), indicated that Clennam was the unfortunate person at whom the challenge was hurled.
Bates, and appearing to attend to the good old lady's replies, she saw her with a sort of anxious parade of mystery fold up a letter which she had apparently been reading aloud to Miss Fairfax, and return it into the purple and gold reticule by her side, saying, with significant nods,
delivery of a total of 162 ea double telescope 10 x 50 with reticule supply no .
Reticulum, the Eyepiece Reticle (le Reticule Rhombo'ide)
An ocular micrometer and a counting reticule were calibrated with the help of a stage micrometer which had 1 mm wide scale divided into 10 equal parts, each representing a length of 10 um.
One interesting variant of these purses, less frequently seen in museum and private collections and rarely if ever mentioned as a distinct type, is the Iroquois reticule purse with drawstring opening, several examples of which are featured here for readers' interest.
To apprehend Reticule, 1999, a cast-polyurethane structure by Liz Larner, is to see the ways in which color and the properties of the casting process exceed the hermetically abstract: The joints and seams of this work are the stuff of the quotidian world of consumption and production.
A Swarovski 2X-12X lighted reticule scope provides a wide field of view for up-close encounters and high magnification for surgical bullet placement "away out yonder.