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(photography) the formation of a network of cracks or wrinkles in a photographic emulsion

an arrangement resembling a net or network

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Mr Molefhi said the choice was primarily influenced by the relatively high capital outlay required for underground reticulation, compared to overhead lines, which would make it unsustainable and would limit electricity access to the general populace.
The contract also covers the design and construction of a chilled water reticulation network including valves and valve chamber details, the design and construction of complete mechanical electrical and plumbing (MEP) building services for the plants and the testing and commissioning of the plants as well as the operation and maintenance of the district cooling plants for a minimum period of five years.
Hastie will provide mechanical, electrical and plumbing services for a A233 million water infrastructure project with nine reservoirs and provide pipeline reticulation for office cooling systems as part of the US$2.
Gauteng and the Western Cape are the only two provinces that largely comply with all three normative criteria of operations and maintenance, adequate water reticulation and drinking water quality.
Henderson and colleagues have been looking at the ability of portable fluorescence sensors to detect microbial contamination in dual reticulation systems.
Once cured, this film, which does not contain plasticisers, is thermally stable and has 3-D reticulation.
2 times AntIII; with rather ill-defined reticulation on 8.
During a severe winter we have had no freezing of our water reticulation system and the delivery of our electrical power supply by our 70km line was continuous with no significant shutdowns despite temperatures dropping to minus 40o Centigrade with frequent blizzards.
All these measurements allowed calculating the percentage of reticulation at the different curing times as :
Edison Power specializes in electrical installations in all aspects of the electrical industry including commercial, industrial, High Voltage and Low Voltage reticulation, township reticulation, fibre optic installations, lighting reticulation, electrical and instrumentation erection.
2003), a comparison of HRCT scans of 60 nonsmoking women with at least 10 years of biomass exposure with nonexposed controls showed significantly more of the following abnormalities: reticulation, peribronchovascular thickening, and nodular and ground glass opacities.
Part of the proceeds will pay for construction of 3000 meters of roads, associated drainage system, a water reticulation system, and electrical mains installation at Monchy.
For many researchers, grant proposals are a high-stakes genre crucial to their work; this pivotal genre does not exist in isolation but as part of a complex reticulation of genres that interact to form a genre system.
Villagers are now working to install an appropriate water reticulation system in strategic locations.