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Synonyms for reticulate

form a net or a network

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distribute by a network, as of water or electricity

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divide so as to form a network

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resembling or forming a network


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Brassicaceae is a stenopalynous family, the pollen grains usually tricolpate, with a reticulate exine (Abdel-Khalik, 2002).
Exine sculptures of 80% plant pollen were Reticulate while 20% had psilate pollens (Figure 4).
7 Clinically DKC is characterized by a triad of reticulate pigmentation of the skin resembling poikiloderma atrophicans vasculare, nail dystrophy with failure of the nails to form a nail plate and leucokeratosis of the oral mucosa.
Based on history, clinical examination, histo pathological examination a diagnosis of confluent reticulate papillomatosis was made.
Sides of pronotum faintly longitudinally reticulate along wide upper and anterior margins, smooth below and behind.
Ornamentation: Reticulate, reticules medium and irregular, Colpus area and apocolpium are psilate or slightly reticulate.
Among the topics are chloroplast genomes, reticulate evolution, crucifer evolution in the post-genomic era, the evolution of the flower, diversity in secondary metabolism, the ecological importance of species diversity, and genomic diversity in nature and domestication.
5 [micro]m x 4 [micro]m-5 [micro]m, including the crests, and their convex walls showed a fine reticulate ornamentation.
It is characterized by symmetrically arranged lichenoid linear and reticulate scaly plaques and hyperkeratotic papules most marked on extremities and buttocks and accompanied by facial lesions resembling seborrheic dermatitis.
Propodeum dull, reticulate rugose, without longitudinal keels on posterior surface; dorsal surface more than twice as long as posterior surface (35:15).
INTRODUCTION: Dowling-Degos disease (DDD) is a rare autosomal dominant reticulate pigmentary disorder.
25x as wide as mesosoma, rather dull due to very fine reticulate microsculpture; occiput also with weak, semi-circular transverse striation over most of width; vertex and frons without other sculpture (vertex with a few transverse elements postero-medially); occiput margined anteriorly but without a distinct carina.
Opisthosoma with irregular broken striations and a few reticulate elements mediolaterally, striations mediolaterally, fading away marginally.