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resembling or forming a network


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The frequency of radiographic parenchymal abnormalities is nearly 5%, mostly symmetric, predominantly basal reticular pattern which may become diffuse by time and progress to honeycombing (9).
Reticular LP is usually asymptomatic, affects multiple sites, and can be recognized by white papules that can coalesce to form plaques.
to see if their collections held any adult specimens of Arothron hispidus with a linear or reticular color pattern.
The most common abnormalities detected on radiography include reticular opacities, perihilar fibrosis, pleural thickening, and peribronchovascular opacities (6, 7).
Macuga's tapestries are a literal, physical translation of the artist's intertextual, reticular working method.
On the CXR there were bilateral, diffuse, reticular and airspace shadows with no effusions (Fig.
At high magnification striations are present but rare, and polish development is generally low, with rare patches of more developed polish with a reticular pattern.
In the 1940s, the now famous Jackson Pollock began experimenting with drip paintings, creating a reticular network of random, intersecting thin lines of color.
The MFB originates in the reticular formation (a network of nerve fibers and cells in the brainstem), extends through the VTA and through the lateral hypothalamus, and finally projects into the nucleus accumbens, the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex.
Com uma ampla divulgacao nos principais veiculos semanais, nos diferentes paises em que a marca esta presente, eles complementam e reforcam a linguagem plural e reticular do filme, amplificando os sentidos.
of Pennsylvania School of Medicine) present 13 papers concentrating on three areas concerning age-related oxidative modification of neural functioning: the roles of reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species in cellular biology; an overview of redox imbalance injury with effects on mitochondria, signaling, endoplasmic reticular functioning, and aging in general; and the roles that redox imbalances play in age-related susceptibility to disease and in the disease processes.
La zona glomerular se hallaba parcialmente conservada, la zona fascicular presentaba intenso infiltrado linfoplasmocitario, en tanto que la zona reticular fue el area mas afectada, observandose un gran numero de macrofagos y celulas epitelioides dispuestas en empalizada rodeando al tejido necrotico (Figura 1).
Special staining techniques were used to demonstrate collagen fibres (Masson's trichrome), reticular fibres (Silver staining), elastic fibres (Verhoeff's staining) and mucopolysaccharide (Periodic Acid Schift--Alcian blue, PAS-AB) as per Luna [12].
Adult rats (day-night converted) were instrumented with four bipolar concentric electrodes into the frontal cortex, hippocampus, striatum and reticular formation.
I was a little surprised at just how frequently sedation occurred," he added, noting that the underlying mechanism for the sedation could be deafferentation of the reticular activating system.