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resembling or forming a network


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The connective tissue of the interstitium composed of mainly of collagen fibres, few reticular fibres in both groups studied.
An x-ray chest is the ultimate criteria for confirmation of pneumonia and the prominent findings are consolidation in 34% children and reticular shadowing in 30% children in the study by Bada et al and Magree et al7,8.
1% had a predominance of reticular and GGO patterns, respectively; however, these CT abnormalities were discrete in the vast majority of cases.
NSIP: The presence of ground glass opacities, irregular linear or reticular infiltrates and associated with traction bronchiectasis with most commonly bilateral and symmetrical distribution.
The cells were pleomorphic and consisted mainly of large heterogeneous reticular cells.
Sponge Lung" describes the appearance of scattered centrilobular lucencies surrounded by reticular and alveolar opacities, creating the appearance of a sponge on radiographs and CT.
Ese control reticular, como una telarana desde el directorio hacia abajo, es lo que se encuentra en disputa desde la captura de Guzman Loera.
The inner layer of cortex was the reticular zone, associated with medullar region; fasciculate zone was in the middle; and, the outer layer of cortex was glomerular zone, which was associated with the capsule of organ.
Besides, there was a horizontally oriented neoplasm with fibrocytic differentiation extending from upper reticular dermis to subcutis (Figure 2).
The reticular activating system (RAS), as its name implies, is a core contributor to the basic tonus of awareness.
Erythema ab igne is a rare reticular erythematous hyperpigmentation resulting from repeated thermal injury.
0-cm tumor was initially mistaken for reticular erythematous mucinosis, a benign skin condition that occurs when fibroblasts produce abnormally large amounts of mucopolysaccharides.