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Synonyms for reticent

Synonyms for reticent

Synonyms for reticent

temperamentally disinclined to talk


Related Words

cool and formal in manner

reluctant to draw attention to yourself

References in classic literature ?
But if you think I have been discourteously reticent with you or anyone, I will go to the extreme limit of my custom.
Cavendish, proud and reticent to the last degree, should interfere so violently in what was certainly not her affair.
The affections are more reticent than the passions, and their expression more subtle.
But he was a reticent as well as an eccentric man; and he made no mention of a certain evening when he warmed his hands at the gatehouse fire, and looked steadily down upon a certain heap of torn and miry clothes upon the floor.
They were spoken because Mr Verloc had felt himself really outraged; but the reticent decencies of this home life, nestling in a shady street behind a shop where the sun never shone, remained apparently undisturbed.
In short, Mr Blandois found that to pour port wine into the reticent Flintwinch was, not to open him but to shut him up.
Thank you, sir,' returned that reticent individual.
It was remarked sometimes, however, by those who knew them best, that the confidence between the two did not appear to be complete, since the wife was either very reticent about her husband's past life, or else, as seemed more likely, was imperfectly informed about it.
Glegg, like all men of his stamp, was extremely reticent about his will; and Mrs.
Several recent papers have tried to estimate how much managers underreport bribes by identifying reticent respondents (Azfar and Murrell, 2009; Clausen et al, 2010; Jensen and Rahman, 2011).
Summary: Arab countries have been noticeably reticent in announcing their participation in the first instance of military action in Syria by the anti-ISIS coalition.
Much lauded as resident dunderhead on QI alongside quiz master Stephen Fry or the charming but reticent crime solver Jonathan Creek, Davies' virtuoso story-telling and whipsmart sense of humour combine to make his stand-up a must-see.
A couple of the guests were a bit reticent at first, but they soon seemed to get into it.
THE Bank of England's approach to the cutting of interest rates is so gradual that it cannot but appear reticent.
In contrast, older MySpace users are much more reticent about using bad language.