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Synonyms for reticent

Synonyms for reticent

Synonyms for reticent

temperamentally disinclined to talk


Related Words

cool and formal in manner

reluctant to draw attention to yourself

References in classic literature ?
Then if it be essential that every knight-errant should be in love," said the traveller, "it may be fairly supposed that your worship is so, as you are of the order; and if you do not pride yourself on being as reticent as Don Galaor, I entreat you as earnestly as I can, in the name of all this company and in my own, to inform us of the name, country, rank, and beauty of your lady, for she will esteem herself fortunate if all the world knows that she is loved and served by such a knight as your worship seems to be.
Miss Bartlett looked surprised, and said that she had not read the book, nor known that it was published; Eleanor was a reticent woman at heart.
In contrast to his former reticent taciturnity Prince Andrew now seemed excited.
He was always very reticent about his affairs, and especially about the business which had taken him on the Continent.
Never had he been at such an altitude of living, and he kept himself in the background, listening, observing, and pleasuring, replying in reticent monosyllables, saying, "Yes, miss," and "No, miss," to her, and "Yes, ma'am," and "No, ma'am," to her mother.
Apparently this reticent person could unfold himself on occasion.
Not a whit less reticent and wooden was Mr Flintwinch outwardly, than in the usual course of things: the only perceptible difference in him being that the knot of cravat which was generally under his ear, had worked round to the back of his head: where it formed an ornamental appendage not unlike a bagwig, and gave him something of a courtly appearance.
It was remarked sometimes, however, by those who knew them best, that the confidence between the two did not appear to be complete, since the wife was either very reticent about her husband's past life, or else, as seemed more likely, was imperfectly informed about it.
4 May--I found that my landlord had got a letter from the Count, directing him to secure the best place on the coach for me; but on making inquiries as to details he seemed somewhat reticent, and pretended that he could not understand my German.
Why should she have been so reticent at the time of the tragedy.
Rani, like Aditya, is known to be among the most reticent celebrities in Bollywood.
Several recent papers have tried to estimate how much managers underreport bribes by identifying reticent respondents (Azfar and Murrell, 2009; Clausen et al, 2010; Jensen and Rahman, 2011).
Summary: Arab countries have been noticeably reticent in announcing their participation in the first instance of military action in Syria by the anti-ISIS coalition.
Much lauded as resident dunderhead on QI alongside quiz master Stephen Fry or the charming but reticent crime solver Jonathan Creek, Davies' virtuoso story-telling and whipsmart sense of humour combine to make his stand-up a must-see.
A couple of the guests were a bit reticent at first, but they soon seemed to get into it.