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Holding the rete in place, I found my date (November 15th) on its ecliptic circle and aligned the rule to that date.
It is significant that Rete mediterranea was conceived and published immediately after La Vraie Italie.
Among other things, the investment manager has proposed selling Eni's international gas pipelines to Snam Rete Gas and then spin off a stake.
On ultrasound, diagnostic keys are numerous small cystic structures within the rete testis without calcifications or solid components and a characteristic location in the posterolateral region of the testis near the mediastinum testis.
We have developed a rule interpreter based on the Rete algorithm, but with a number of implementation enhancements which aim to reduce the memory usage of the algorithm.
It wasn't until 1981, after Carnegie-Mellon developed its "Official Production Systems" based on the Rete Algorithm that John McDermott published the seminal work in the commercial application of AI, "R1: A rule-based configurer of computer systems", which describes the first commercial expert system ever developed.
GE has enjoyed a long relationship with Snam Rete Gas, as we have furnished much of the company's pipeline turbo compressor fleet," said Claudi Santiago, president of GE Energy's oil and gas operations.
The country's Supreme Court has ruled that Rete 4, Mediaset's least popular channel, must shift to satellite by Jan.
Only recently, each station's executive is responsible for his own network, but still works in close contact with the others: Carlo Vetrugno for Italia 1, Michele Franceschelli for Rete 4, and Gori for Canale 5.
50 type a cabins with assistance in the field of start-up according to the snam rete gas specifications that will be provided during the application submission.
8% interest in Enel Rete Gas SpA to the natural gas distribution business' two other shareholders, infrastructure fund F2i SGR SpA and Ardian, for EUR122.
International Resource News-September 27, 2010--Snam Rete Gas announces operational update for OLT regasification terminal(C)1994-2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
Summary: Galsi and Snam Rete Gas signed a memorandum of understanding today in the presence of the Algerian Minister for Energy, Mr.
The Sonatrach-led Galsi pipeline consortium has moved development of its project forward by signing an agreement with Eni affiliate Snam Rete Gas on construction of the Italian section.