retarding force

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the phenomenon of resistance to motion through a fluid

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When braking, the pump/motor acts as a pump, absorbing energy from the driveline and imparting a retarding force on the drive wheels.
This is the consequence of increase of rotating forces due to which the influence of mechanical friction and retarding viscosity forces relatively decrease till the equilibrium of rotating and retarding forces are reached.
Variation rates of rotating and retarding forces become equal and errors approach the constant asymptotic value.
Approach of errors towards constant asymptotic values is determined by high flow turbulization degree, due to which the impact of rotor driving and retarding forces reaches equilibrium and liquid leakages further increase proportionally to total flow rate.
Conveying of solid polymer in a single-screw extruder is optimized when the forwarding forces at the barrel-polymer interface and at the pushing flight are maximized, and the retarding forces at the screw root and the trailing side of the screw flight are minimized (3).
The screw temperature of less than 90[degrees]C will create lower stresses, and thus, minimize the retarding forces at the screw root and trailing flight edge.
4 and 5, the ABS resin is capable of producing slightly higher forwarding forces and considerably lower retarding forces for solids conveying as compared to the HIPS resin.
The debris remains in orbit until retarding forces cause it to disintegrate in flames into the atmosphere or, as sometimes happens, it plunges back to Earth.
At the same time, the constraints on economic expansion that had been associated with business restructuring activities, widespread efforts to strengthen balance sheets, and other retarding forces had diminished considerably.